Maximising Small Spaces with Vitrified Tiles: A Fresh Perspective

Are you thinking of decorating your old small room? Well, we know it can be a little challenging. But today, with this guide, we have brought some fantastic ideas you must try with vitrified tiles design.

These unique perspectives mentioned in this blog by experts will not only maximise the space of your room but also change its appearance. So, are you ready to transform your space? Let’s check these ideas out now:

The Versatility of Vitrified Tiles

You might be wondering why we have selected Vitrified Tiles for your space. Well, you will learn about it after reading about the versatility of these fantastic tiles. So before moving further, let’s show you.

Vitrified tiles are durable and strong enough to endure wear and damage. This makes them a perfect fit for high-traffic areas. Its non-porous surface is resistant to stains and spills and is easily maintained with a gentle sweep and mopping. Vitrified Tiles provides various designs and colours, allowing you to create infinite artistic possibilities. They’re scratch-resistant, so they look perfect, resistant to fading, and have long-lasting vitality.

Moreover, they promote a hygienic environment by repelling bacteria and allergens. Though they may have a higher initial cost, their cost-effectiveness shines through their longevity, adding value and glamour to your living room.

7 Tips to Enhance Your Small Space

As mentioned above, we will provide you with the best tips to maximise your living space and transform it by giving it a unique look. Here are some of those ideas as follows:

1. Illuminate with Light Colours

When dealing with compact spaces, the choice of colour is paramount. Opt for light-coloured vitrified tiles to create an illusion of spaciousness. Shades like white, beige, cream, or soft pastels work wonders. Dark colours tend to shrink the space, so tread carefully when selecting the ideal tile colour.

2. Embrace the Glossy Elegance

Vitrified tiles offer various finishes, but a glossy finish can be a game-changer in small rooms. It reflects light, adding depth and making the room seem larger. While matte tiles have their appeal, they might cosy up the space a bit too much. Bear in mind that glossy tiles require more upkeep to stay smudge-free.

3. Diagonal Drama: Tiles in Motion

Instead of traditional parallel tile placement, consider laying them diagonally. This bold choice introduces depth, elegance, and the illusion of more space. Both smaller and larger tiles have their unique advantages. Smaller tiles create the illusion of expansiveness, while larger ones reduce grout lines, creating a sleek, open feel.

4. Grout Lines: The Art of Distinction

Choosing larger grout lines can be a smart idea for smaller tiles and intricate mosaic patterns. You can contrast grout lines and visually separate tiles, giving your space a captivating aesthetic look. In addition, this technique adds character and depth to your design by tricking the eye into perceiving larger tiles.

5. Clutter-Free Serenity

In smaller spaces, maintaining a clutter-free and organised space is essential. Clutter can reinforce the feeling of captivity. To ensure that the contents are tightly stored and to keep them looking clean and spacious, you can use storage solutions such as cabinets or shelves.

6. Lighting Magic: Bright & Airy

There must be enough lighting in your compact room as it helps in enhancing the sense of space. Blend natural and artificial lighting to create a bright and airy atmosphere. Install ceiling lights, wall sconces, or recessed lighting for even illumination. Consider adding large windows if feasible to flood the room with natural light.

7. Seamless Flow: Aesthetic Continuity

When selecting floor tiles, choose those that complement your room’s style and colour scheme. Extending the same flooring into adjacent areas creates a seamless visual flow, connecting the small room to a larger space. This design trick enhances the perception of expansiveness, making your room feel open and harmonious.


These are some of the best tips we have listed to decorate your compact room with a big one. Additionally, with the beautiful vitrified tiles design’ versatility, you can give your room a creative touch.

Your small space will radiate charm and functionality, proving that great design knows no size limits. So gather your ideas, call experts, and install your favourite vitrified tiles in your small room today.

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