June 18, 2024

Must visit Zoo in India

There are several zoos in India where a record number of visitors visited, when kids visit any zoo and when they see any black panther or bear they relate then with “The Jungle Book.” In this article, we will elaborate on a few among many of the best Zoos in India.

So, without further ado, let’s know some amazing facts and about the must-visit Zoo in India, which are:

Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, Pune

It is which is ordinarily known as Rajiv Gandhi Zoo, is situated in Pune, Maharashtra. Renowned for the Katraj Snake Park found on the premises, the two different pieces of the spot comprised a zoo and a creature halfway house. Russell’s snake, Indian stone python, and ruler cobra are a portion of the types of snakes that can be found in the Zoo. You will observe creatures like white tigers, Bengal tigers, panthers, and birds like peafowl and blackbucks. You can reach here by booking any cheapairlines or booking train.

National Zoological Park, Delhi

Traces back to 1959, when it was known as the Delhi Zoo. Over the long haul, the Zoo has gotten home to the absolute most extraordinary types of vegetation you will run over.

The Zoo is spotted with different birds, reptiles, and vertebrates, alongside rich plant variety. It can take you an entire day or significantly more in the event that you wish to visit and find out about each plant and creature type housed here.

What is intriguing to note is that the zoological park advances a few protection reproducing programs also.

The Asiatic Lion, Royal Bengal Tiger, Indian Rhinoceros, Brown-Antlered Deer, and the Red Jungle Fowl are a portion of the imperiled or danger-bearing species that are reproduced in bondage for biodiversity preservation here.

Nehru Zoological Park

Situated a ways off of 16 km from Hyderabad, It was opened to the general population in the time of 1963. It is arranged close to the generally significant Mir Alam Tank, 200 years old and the first multi-curve brickwork dam on the planet. It is probably the biggest Zoo in India and one of the top touring spots to visit in Hyderabad. Run by the Forest office, the Government of Telangana, the Zoo has been named after Jawaharlal Nehru, the primary leader of the country.

Spread over a zone of around 380 sections of land, the Nehru Zoo Park brags of nearly 1,500 types of birds, warm-blooded animals, and reptiles. Adding to the broad assortments of natural life, this zoo park is viewed as the first where creatures have been maintained in zoological control.

What makes Hyderabad Zoo a pleasant spot for the two guests and occupants are the open nooks where creatures are kept. These open-fenced-in areas have been made to look like common environments. A wide assortment of colorful creatures has been effectively reared in this zoo park too.

Sri Venkateshwara zoological park

It was set up on 29 Sep 1987 and covered 2,239 ha, and it is the biggest Zoo in India.

This Zoo is a place of numerous vegetation, and there was a panther called ‘Balaji’ that is India’s biggest(mentioned in Guinness book of world record) panther of weight 108-113kg.

Amirthi Zoological Park

It is otherwise called Vellore zoo, is a blend of wilderness and untamed life asylum. It is half wilderness with worth seeing cascades and a place of interest. The other half is created as a natural life asylum wherein creatures like spotted deer, mongoose, hedgehog, foxes, reason monkeys, pythons, and birds are available.

Himalayan Zoological Park, Sikkim

It is probably the best fascination of the North East Himalayas. Interesting and first of its sort in Quite a while, the Zoo allows creatures to live in their common natural surroundings. Spread across an immense 230 hectares of forested land with elevations going from 6,500 t0 8,000 feet.

The zoological park is around 6 kilometers from Gangtok town. The passageway to the Zoo is situated toward the finish of a short pathway inverse to Ganesh Tok; another should visit fascination in the mountain town.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park

Referred to famously as an excellent and appealing spot for picnickers in Vandalur, Arignar Anna Zoological Park turns out to be probably the best spot for investigating the fauna and vegetation of this locale. Approaching grown-ups and kids for the end-of-the-week excursions, Arignar Zoo gets a hefty inundation of guests every year. It is situated at an inexact distance of around 32 km from Chennai and spread across a normal territory of around 1260 sections of land; it is known as South East Asia’s biggest Zoo.

Shielding more than 138 animals, Arignar Anna Zoological Park is a heaven for each nature and creature sweetheart. This park houses umpteen assortments of creatures, including vertebrates, creatures of land and water, reptiles, birds, fishes, and butterflies. Furthermore, the sport also has a little Jurassic Park that adds to the objective’s general fervor. Other exceptional parts of this park incorporate a youngsters’ park, a learning community, and Elephant drives around.

Guindy National Park, Chennai

One of the must-visit attractions in Chennai is Guindy National Park. Positioned as the eighth littlest National Park in India, Guindy National Park is spread over 2.70 km square in the secured region of Tamil Nadu, Chennai. The Ministry of Environment and Forests keeps up these ensured zones.

It would be best to recognize that this solitary park is situated inside a city. Before the recreation center appeared, this space was considered an all-inclusive piece of the Guindy Lodge by and by alluded to as the Raj Bhavan, the Governor of Tamil Nadu’s true home. some NRI special book direct flights to Chennai from USA to visit this beautiful place.


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