June 18, 2024
Vijay Aggarwal Advocate Latest News

Notice To Netflix on Choski’s Appeal By Delhi HC – Vijay Aggarwal Advocate Argued

The Delhi High Court, recently, gave notification to the Center and Netflix on an intrigue recorded by slipping away precious stone trader Mehul Choksi looking for see of the pending Netflix arrangement named “Bad Boy Billionaires”.

The arrival of the arrangement, which was scheduled for discharge on September 2, stands remained by two Courts-Bihar and Hyderabad-on isolated supplications record by Sahara Chairman Subrata Roy and B Ramalinga Raju who include in the arrangement.

Vijay Aggarwal Advocate, counsel for Choksi, contended the Choksi is simply a blamed and has not been sentenced by any Court of law.

Vijay Aggarwal Advocate Latest News
Vijay Aggarwal Advocate Latest News

Vijay Aggarwal Lawyer contended that Choksi has been declined alleviation by a solitary Bench of the High Court “exclusively on the premise that had it been a film or a TV program or the print media, he would have gotten help from this Court, but since Netflix is an OTT Platform”.

A solitary Bench of the High Court on August 28 had excused Choksi’s request conceding him the freedom to record a common suit in a fitting Court.

A division seat of the Delhi High Court headed by the Chief Justice on Monday gave sees on Choksi’s allure asking Netflix and the Center to disclose concerning why Choksi ought not to be allowed a review of the arrangement before its delivery.

Contending in the interest of Choksi, Advocate Vijay Aggarwal contended that Choksi is entitled regarding the Constitution of India, i.e Articles 21 and 14 of the Constitution of India to an assumption of blamelessness, a free and reasonable preliminary, and to be treated at standard with other charged people.

In his allure Choksi has contended that his name is in effect “superfluously blended with Nirav Modi”.

Choksi has additionally contended that he has a privilege to a notoriety, reasonable preliminary, and assumption of blamelessness and preliminary and conviction by media can’t be allowed. Choksi further asserted that he additionally has a privilege to notoriety and security.

Contradicting Choksi’s request, on August 28, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) told the Delhi High Court Friday that it doesn’t control the substance on over-the-top stages except if that meddles with public security.

The service had made the accommodation while restricting a supplication by jewel dealer Mehul Choksi, who looked for a set of Netflix’s up and coming web arrangement ‘Awful Boy Billionaires: India’ before its delivery on September 2. Choksi, needed by Indian offices in the supposed Rs 13,570 crore misrepresentation caused on Punjab National Bank, is one of the individuals highlighted in the docudrama.

The service told the court that it was a “pointless gathering” in Choksi’s appeal. It said the applicable law didn’t bear the cost of forces in the rule permitting the service to meddle with the substance on OTT stages.

Choksi’s direction Vijay Aggarwal Advocate & Lawyer had fought that “inordinate exposure biases with lawful procedures and will unfavorably affect Choksi’s preliminary”.

He had attested that “the yearning of Netflix to stay unregulated should be managed. Till the time the Union of India controls OTT stages, wronged people need to move toward the court”. Vijay Kumar Aggarwal included that Netflix may be approached to give a review to the court.

Showing up in the interest of Netflix, senior backer Neeraj Kishan Kaul had contradicted Choksi’s supplication. He said while Netflix was happy to show the web arrangement to the court, it would not give a review to Choksi.

Kaul had stated: “Pre-control has the impact of killing free discourse.” Hitting out at Choksi, he stated: “It is an intermediary prosecution and not viable.” He said Choksi highlighted distinctly for two minutes in the inevitable web arrangement and that it didn’t have anything which would partiality Choksi’s preliminary.

Portraying Choksi’s request as “gross maltreatment”, Kaul had asked: “Should an absconder be permitted to conjure the unprecedented ward of this court?”


Vijay Aggarwal is an Indian advocate and criminal lawyer in the honorable legal Indian institutions. He’s primarily known for the popular scam 2G spectrum cases and Fraud case of Punjab National Bank, 2018. He is one of the experienced and typical lawyers who are acknowledged for his razor-sharp minded approach and unique way of defending his clients in the court. He contests for his clients on the basis of true facts and highly supportive evidence. He has fought several high profile and controversial cases successfully using his brilliant capability and ingenious attitude. Not just sharp-minded, Vijay Aggarwal advocate, is hardworking, compose, honest and delivers the positive results within the deadlines. He is even inspiring the young minds who are keen to make their career in the domain of law and legal.

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