Paytm is Planning To Launch One Online Mall Format for Ecommerce Platform

Paytm has recently started one online mall format for ecommerce platform where different sellers are free to design their sales page. Here, they would be able to display their products or services. The Paytm online market place has already been approved in board meeting and team has started working on the concept.

Popular banks like RBI will regulate the payment options and they have been promised to launch Paytm personal bank soon. Through Paytm bank sellers could take loans and expand their product base as required to stay competitive in global market. The bank is expected to be launched by end of September this year.
According to research team, Paytm traffic has been lower down during last few months and they eed to innovate their services with some interesting ideas. So, they are planning to launch online mall and Paytm bank soon in near future. IT will take the Company to the new heights again.
According to Paytm CEO, we are technically driven Company with strong hold in market. Our online mall will also give benefits to both parties – sellers and the buyers. This will be a successful marketplace where mutual deals will be executed in budget yet profitable for sellers.
However, we are the clear at GMV level yet. It may make profits of 50 to 50 crores a day or even more. At the same time, this is just the assumptions and actual profits will vary based on future expectations and demands. We cannot be sure on profits because even a small change can shape your whole future differently.
In last few months, traffic on Paytm has been reduced up to 35 percent and it is expected to be double with pretty new inventions. The Chinese seller Alibaba is expected to meet hands with Company that will be profitable for both.

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