Persuasive and Dynamic Aries Birthstone Color

Diamond is well known Aries Birthstone that is the choice of every woman for personal adornment and to enjoy from the literary myths that are circulating in the society. If we study the chemical structure of a diamond, it is the allotropic form of carbon element in which carbon elements are arranged in a dynamic face-centered cubic crystal structure that is given a technical name diamond lattice.

Diamond is not stable as graphite, but it takes fewer amounts to convert it into graphite at standard conditions. Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring mineral in the world that have an additional characteristic of thermal conductivity. These properties of diamond demonstrate the use of diamond in the industry to cut and polish the tools. Further, it is used in scientific tools like knives and anvil cells.

Diamonds are minerals formed as the result of chemical reactions that occur at depth in the earth layers at a distance of 140 to 190 kilometers. Magma is used to bring the diamond close to the earth surface that creates a deep volcanic eruption and later on this is cooled to convert them into igneous rocks.

Aries Birthstone Colors

Naturally, an Aries Birthstone Color is white that is also known as colorless. It is the most valuable diamond in the world that is only used by the elite folks of the society. Aries Birthstone is also found in other colors like white, steel grey, red, pink, green, yellow, blue and black. Out of these colors, red is the rarest diamond.

The different colors of the diamonds are due to the existence of impurities and the structural abnormalities in the crystal.

Various diamonds with different colors are demonstrated below.

Brown Diamonds

Aries Birthstone with this color exists naturally, and this most common color is also known as chocolate diamond.

Orange Diamond

In many of the diamonds amount of nitrogen is present. In orange diamond, the amount of diamond is organized in a specific array that absorbs the blue and yellow light from the spectrum, and finally, orange color in a diamond is produced.

Yellow Diamond

The yellow diamonds are found in the South Africa and the particular color of the diamond is because of the inclusion of nitrogen in crystal lattice at the moment when a diamond is formed.

Green Diamond

Green Color in the diamonds is due to their trip to the earth surface, and they keep themselves in the rest position near the naturally occurring radiations. These radiations penetrate into the diamonds to absorb the red and yellow part of the spectrum for the formation of green light.

Blue Diamonds

The blue color of the diamond is produced due to the bonding of boron element with the carbon element. As a result of this bonding red, yellow and green parts of the light spectrum are absorbed, and they finally produce a blue color in the diamond. It is a possibility there that blue color of a diamond may have grey or violet altered colors

In the history, a well-known blue diamond is Hope Diamond that is 45 CARAT. The famous areas where blue diamonds are discovered are Cullinan and Golconda.

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