Planning a Gap Year? Top Tried and Tested Tips for You!

Planning a Gap Year

Have you ever planned a gap year? If not, then you must give it a try to experience one of the greatest adventures of your entire life. But you must keep in mind before kicking off a gap year that it does offer an exciting adventure, but you also get ready for the troubles while travelling in an unknown country and that too for a long time.

gap year travel tips

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Today, I will be sharing a few useful tips with you, that can really help you a lot during your gap year travelling.

Get yourself vaccinated

While travelling to exotic climates, you might come across a lot of unfamiliar diseases that can actually add an unnecessary burden on your travel expenses along with some bad effects on your health. Before heading for the travel, make sure to see your doctor and confirm if you have gone through the correct vaccinations. Take anti-malarial pills to minimize the risk of catching malaria at the destination. Half of the claims that are being made on long term insurance policies are related to illness and medical costs. So you must try to avoid any health risks while on travel by undergoing a proper vaccination course ahead of your flying date.

Take care of your luggage

Another major claim being made by the gap year travellers is regarding the luggage and money loss. Hence, you must take care of your belongings to avoid any stresses and troubles at the travelling destination.

Make a thorough online research

It is always better to collect all important information regarding the country you are planning to visit so that you have all info about the best places, food points, exploration spots, events before you land there. It will also help you a lot to select the right insurance cover for you. You also need to get yourself up to date regarding the current situation in a particular country you have planned to visit so that you have an idea of any unusual happening that might affect your travel.

Do not undergo unnecessary risk

No-one would ever want to live in his gap year like a “Monk”. You must understand the implication of overindulgence. Any incidents related to alcohol and drug will be excluded from what can be claimed as a result of the insurance policy.

Grab a specific policy

Always go for purchasing a travel insurance policy that is in accordance with the specific requirement of your trip. When you opt for a tailored gap year, activities like extreme sports and manual work are covered for a longer period than a standard travel insurance, as the gap year always requires some unique coverage from the insurance operator.

While arranging a voluntary placement with an organization, make sure to go through the documentation carefully so that you don’t make unrealistic expectations of what is being provided and to acquire peace of mind that you have completed all the required steps. It will definitely enhance the enjoyment of your placement.

While travelling alone, accept it rather than to stress out yourself for being alone when you see others with family! In fact, solo travel will enable you to meet some of the great people along the way, that might become your lifelong friends.  One of the best benefits of travelling alone is that you get a chance to know about yourself.

You must get ready for the challenges during your gap year travelling. No travel is possible without troubles and tensions. These are the essential parts of the trip, but you must be smart enough to handle them efficiently.

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