June 17, 2024

Plan a Memorable and Encapsulating Trip

Trips are important part of our lives as it not only creates some of the memories to cherish but also a very positive impact on our thinking. It also strengthens the bond with our loved ones and gives us a chance to contain the happiness and calm for long. You can plan numerous trips by yourselves. Internet also has many options to help you plan a trip. Some of the good travel agencies usually handle everything start from the transport, sightseeing, hotel till the meals. For a perfect plan, you can always refer to these agencies. Some of the trustworthy agencies are – Southern travels India, Yatra, tour my India, Padma Holidays, Make my Trip etc. You can take these travel plans from Delhi; capital of India and you have got these options –

  1. You can take Chambal Safari tour if you have some time.
  2. You can enjoy the Indian heritage and beauty of culture by planning Taj Mahal and Mathura Vrindavan tour.

These locations are very near to Delhi and are worth a trip and connect with your loved ones.

Plan the Trips with help of Travel agencies –

Planning a trip and making all the arrangements can be hectic and stressful. It can also ruin your enjoyment, so it is advisable to take help of the agents. Here is reference for you to either plan your trip or hire an agency for the same –

Planning a 2-day trip

  1. – If you have like a day or so only to spend some time and enjoy, you can consider Chambal safari tour. It is refreshing and adventurous journey. The itinerary can be as follows –
  2. You can start from Delhi. Usually agencies provide their cabs or minibuses to the destination along with a personal guide. The pickup points can be famous spots such as Airport, Kashmiri Gate etc. Then you may reach Agra in 3-4 hours from the start time.
  3. The stop will be a restaurant chosen by the agents only where you can have your meals and leave for sightseeing. Then the destination where you stop is Taj Mahal. There the agent will guide the palace with whole story behind it. You can spend some time clicking pictures and creating memories. After that you can go to a restaurant or local markets to have lunch.
  4. After that you leave for Agra fort. The fort has a long history behind, and the guide will explain everything. This might wrap up your day and then you can move towards your hotels to rest.
  5. The very next day, you can leave for Chambal safari tour. There you can experience watching many animals such as- dolphins, crocodiles, birds and reptiles. Boat cruising option is available as well for the ones who are interested. Estimated time spent there can be 2-3 hours. After that you can collect your luggage from the hotel and go back to Delhi on the same day. You may reach the city by evening.

Plan a 1- day trip

  1. – With this one-day trip suggestion, you can visit Agra and Mathura on the same day. You get time to experience the Indian culture and history of the country in a day. Taj Mahal and Mathura Vrindavan tour are a suitable plan. Here is the suggested itinerary for the trip –
  2. You can leave Delhi with agency vehicle from the suggested stop. You can reach Agra roughly in 3 hours if left early.
  3. You can then have a breakfast at a restaurant or try street food of the city. Taj Mahal should be your stop afterwards where you can acknowledge the history of India. Spend some time their appreciating the wonder of world.
  4. After you leave you can stop for lunch if you want and then move for Vrindavan.
  5. The average time of reaching Vrindavan is 2 hours from Agra. Once you reach there you have a lot to explore.
  6. There are some famous temples in Mathura such as – Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple, Banke Bihari Temple, Govind Dev Temple. The best time to visit this place is during Holi. You will be enthralled by the beauty and ancient culture of India and stories about lords. You can probably visit and finish from here around 7-8pm.
  7. Once you are done, you can stop by for dinner and the stop will be Delhi. Expect to reach the city by midnight.

These were two plans that are very much feasible from Delhi because of their nearness from the city. These places are much visit and you will be enthralled by adding so much to your memory book. It is your call if you want to plan everything by yourself or let it all be by the travel agents.


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