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Manish Kashyap Jjoin BJP?

Manish Kashyap Biography, Age, Controversial YouTuber | Son of Bihar | Sach Tak | Bihari Journalist

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Manish Kashyap – Son of Bihar (Biography)

Journalist Manish Kashyap is from India. Through his Sach Tak news station, he adamantly informs people about the flaws and rigging taking place in the Bihar economy and administrative systems. He is speaking out against corruption in Bihar. He is well-known for his journalistic style and is very well-liked on social media. Millions of people watch his videos and frequently urge harsh action against the corrupt government in the comments. Along with exposing the wrongdoing of government leaders and bringing their reality to light, he also brings the issues of the populace to the attention of everyone. Because of his accurate reporting, he is currently known as Bihar’s most well-liked news reporter.


On March 9, 1991, Manish Kashyap was born in the Bihar district of Pashchim Champaran, in the little village of Dumri Mahanwa. One of his brothers works for a private corporation, while his father, Udit Kumar Tiwari, is in the Indian Army.

Manish Kashyap – Family

Udit Kumar Tiwari, Manish Kashyap’s father, is presently a member of the Indian Army. He has a brother in addition to having a housewife for a mother. Those who are already wedded He is not yet wed. He claims that no one would give their daughter to a revolutionary like us if we were to get married.

Manish Kashyap – Education

Since early on, he has achieved academic success. He obtained his elementary education in 2007 from a nearby country school, moved to Maharashtra after completing his 12th grade in 2009, and earned his civil engineering degree from Savitribai Phule University Pune in 2016. After finishing his engineering degree, Manish chose to practice journalism in his native Bihar rather than find employment elsewhere.

Manish Kashyap – Career

Manish launched the Sach Tak news channel on YouTube on July 13, 2018, and he began using videos to inform people about the flaws and shortcomings of the government. He is referred to as the “Son of Bihar” because of his vociferous opposition to corruption. With his distinctive approach to journalism, he has carved out a unique personality not just in Bihar but throughout all of India.

Sach Tak – Journalist from Bihar

In July 2018, Manish launched the Sach Tak news channel on YouTube and began educating the public about the shortcomings and errors of the government through videos, gradually bringing their attention by producing content on various topics. In addition to introducing his journalism, Manish also produced numerous videos criticizing fraud and bribery in the public sector.

manish kashyap bihar

Manish Kashyap quickly became well-known in Bihar after entering the field of journalism and due to his brave reporting, locals there began referring to him as the Son of Bihar.

He posted this video on his YouTube channel Sach Tak News to inform people about our rights and how they are violated in order to make sure the average person does not encounter any issues.

Manish Kashyap Bihar Bio Details

Full NameManish Kashyap
Birth9 March 1991
BirthplaceDumaria, Mahanwa village of West Champaran district of Bihar
Age33 Years (As per 2024)
Famous AsNews Reporter
Manish Kashyap Contact Number
Manish Kashyap Instagram
Manish Kashyap’s Net Worth30 to 50 Lakh Rupees
Manish Kashyap Sach Tak

Manish Kashyap – YouTube Channel

After finishing his engineering education in 2017, he launched a YouTube channel to begin his reporting career.

Manish Kashyap – Political Career

In order to change his country, Manish Kashyap transitioned from the realm of journalism into politics and ran as an independent in the 2020 Chanpatia Assembly Election. In this assembly election, Manish Kashyap finished third and received a total of 9239 votes. Manish Kashyap claimed to have 25 lakh immovable properties and 15 lakh moveable properties as of the Bihar Assembly Election 2020. And the entire income is Rs. 4, 90,000.

Political Journey

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) (April 2024-Present)

In 2020, he ran for the Bihar assembly election from Chanpatia, West Champaran as an independent candidate.

On April 25, 2024, he joined the Bharatiya Janata Party with Manoj Tiwari there.

Manish Kashyap Controversies

Controversy with Shah Rukh Khan

As a result of Manish Kashyap’s fame, songs have been written in his honor and there will undoubtedly be political debates involving one or more film star political parties. When Aryan Khan was discovered using narcotics, Manish Kashyap was outside Shahrukh Khan’s home doing a report. The gunfire was eventually put to an end in just two minutes after Manish Kashyap challenged the entire Bandra neighborhood with his reporting.

Manish Kashyap questioned those individuals about why they were taking pictures in front of the home of a celebrity whose son had been found using drugs. And if you must take a picture, strike a posture in front of the residence of the sons of revolutionaries and freedom fighters.

FIR When He Tried to Collect Money by Dishonest Reasons

In 2019, people said he asked for money on social media, saying it was for a good cause, but he used it for himself.

The police filed a report about it at Bettiah Nagar Police Station, listing several laws he may have broken.

Putting Police Officers’ Lives at Risk.

Some people said he attacked a police officer named Ram Singh, tried to start fights, and stopped the government from doing its job.

The police filed a report about it, called FIR number 290/2019, at the Bettiah Nagar Police Station.

They said he broke certain laws listed under sections 353, 337, 338, 188, 147, 148, and 149 of the Indian Penal Code.

Murder Allegation to Kill A Teacher

It’s said that he tried to hurt a teacher named Arvind Kumar.

About 100 people went with him when he went into Arvind’s house without permission.

They hit Arvind, treated the women in the house badly, including Arvind’s wife, and broke a bike outside.

The police made a report about this, called an FIR, number 289/2019.

It happened in Bettiah Nagar Police Station area.

He’s accused of breaking several laws listed under IPC sections 354(B), 307, 338, 341, 323, 427, 504, 148, 149, 188, and 448.

Gang Building

In 2019, it was said that he made a group with other young people from his neighborhood and got involved in a lot of fights.

The police registered a case against him with FIR number 109/2019 at Bettiah Nagar Police Station.

Holiganism & Violence in Public

He got in trouble for being violent and causing chaos in Patna.

The police filed a report with number 134/2019 in the Kotwali area of Patna.

It’s under different laws like IPC sections 148, 341, and others.

Interrupting A Government Worker from Doing Their Job.

They said he tried to threaten someone for money. When the police tried to stop him, they got hurt too.

The police filed a report (FIR) at Manjhauliya Police Station. One report, number 737/2019, was for serious charges like trying to kill someone.

Another report, number 736/2019, was for blocking the police and causing violence.

There was also a report, number 193/2021, for stopping government work and other charges related to violence.

Fake Call Recording with Pooja Pandey

In early 2023, there was a fake phone call recording that got really popular.

It included parts of a call between Manish Kashyap and Bhojpuri singer Pooja Pandey.

Some people spread rumors that they were having a secret relationship.

But Pooja Pandey said in an interview that the news wasn’t true.

Sharing Untrue Stories About Migrant Workers from Bihar Being Attacked In Tamil Nadu

In March 2023, Manish Kashyap got in trouble for spreading fake news about workers from Bihar getting beaten up in Tamil Nadu.

This happened through his channel Sach Tak News and on social media.

The police in Patna, Bihar filed a complaint against him, listing various sections of the law related to spreading false information.

Many people, including politicians and social workers, criticized this and asked the government to drop the complaint.

Later, a fake message spread saying Manish was arrested, using an old photo of him in handcuffs.

The Bihar Police said this was fake news and confirmed that Manish hadn’t been arrested yet.

On November 10, 2023, a court in Madurai said he could leave jail by approving his request. They also said he didn’t have to follow the special security rules anymore.

Criticism About Tejashwi Yadav

In March 2023, it came out that there was a warrant for his arrest because of his reporting during a situation where people from Bihar were moving to Tamil Nadu.

He got really mad at the Deputy CM of Bihar and Tejashwi Yadav, who is Lalu Prasad Yadav’s son.

He said they were behind the warrant and warned that he wouldn’t let Tejashwi become Chief Minister in the 2023 Bihar elections.

He also said if Tejashwi did become CM, he’d work to bring down the government within 180 days.

He Sent to Jail Because Of Fake Videos

On March 18, 2023, the Bihar Police’s economic offences unit (EOU) arrested him after he turned himself in at the Jagdishpur police station.

He was involved in making fake videos showing attacks on migrant workers in Tamil Nadu.

On March 30, 2023, a court in Madurai sent him to police custody for three days.

The videos he made went viral on social media, but fact checkers and the police found out they were not real.

Manish Kashyap in News Again

Last year, Manish Kashyap got arrested for making fake videos that showed attacks on people from Bihar in Tamil Nadu. He was in jail for nine months. Now, he has joined the BJP. A BJP Member of Parliament, Manoj Tiwari, welcomed him to the party in Delhi.

He said, “When I was in prison, my mom fought for me. She knows who helped me then. She told me to listen to Manoj Tiwari and not disobey him. My mom really likes Narendra Modi. She told me to support him and show those who are against the country. I’m glad to join the biggest political party in the world,” he said, talking about the Prime Minister.

Manish Kashyap’s Social Media Handle & Other Contact Details

manish kashyap reporter

Manish Kashyap mobile number9709920218
Social Media NameAccount URL
Manish Kashyap Instagramermanishkasyap
Manish Kashyap FaceBookManish Kasyap- Son Of Bihar

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