May 27, 2024
Real vs Fake YouTube Subscribers

Real vs Fake YouTube Subscribers – Know the Difference

YouTube, as a video sharing platform, offers a plethora of opportunities to the Millenials. It is not only a platform to view and great video content, but also a platform to generate high-quality content for the audiences, and earn handsomely through it.

However, over the years, the netizens have found unethical ways to work around YouTube’s algorithm. These are meant to gain popularity overnight and earn money quickly. However, it is not that YouTube is not aware of olf such tactics. It takes a not and even penalizes such attempts severely.

One such burning ethical issue in the domain of YouTube is real vs fake youtube subscribers. In this post, we so an in-depth analysis of the issue, and offer you the right direction. Let’s go!

What are Fake YouTube Subscribers?

As you might be aware, fake YouTube views are the ones which have come from random sources, and not from real Youtube search or legitimate source like social media, other websites, and blogs, etc. Similarly, fake YouTube subscribers mean unauthentic and unverified accounts subscribing to your channel in bulk. These accounts show suspicious activity and hence are not the right sources to get your YouTube subscribers from. The sad part is that may online service providers resort to such fake accounts to offer you up to free 1000 YouTube subscribers.

What are Real YouTube Subscribers?

Real YouTube subscribers refer to the real, genuine, and authentic accounts subscribing to your channel. Such accounts do not show any suspicious activity. Getting free 1000 YouTube subscribers from such accounts may be a bit slow process, but it is completely worth it as the subscribers are real and YouTube can not penalize them in any way.

How Does YouTube Identify Fake Subscribers?

YouTube has a robust and continuously improving algorithm to identify fake subscribers on every single channel on its platform. This algorithm tracks the sources of the subscribers on a channel and checks if they come from some random sources, or are from genuine and verified, non-suspicious accounts. Further, YouTube red flags the channels that see a sudden and unreasonable burp in the number of subscribers over a short period of time.

How Does YouTube Penalise Fake YouTube Subscribers?

YouTube is committed to remaining an open, just, and quality platform for the sharing of video content. Therefore, it severely penalizes any attempts to get fake subscribers and views, etc on its platform. The penalties range from reducing the number of subscribers to even permanently blocks your account on YouTube. So there’s no point getting free 1000 YouTube subscribers on your channel if they are fake. The consequences can be disastrous!

How to Get Free 1000 YouTube Subscribers? [Real]

All said and done, it is not even that difficult to get free 1000 YouTube subscribers and that too for real. Just make sure that you get the free 1000 YouTube subscribers from a reliable and credible source. Do a thorough background check before you signup for any such platform, and you should not face any consequences.

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