Role of Puddling in Tillage operation – Methods & Benefits

What is Puddling 

Puddling is a tillage operation which is used to prepare the land for the cultivation of rice. It is an ancient practice of rice cultivation. The puddling operation was performed by the use of mounted equipment behind a buffalo or ox. But now equipment mounted behind the tractors.

In the tractor market there are many tractors available that are perfect for puddling work such as New Holland tractor which provide work excellency in paddy operation. 

Who is Inventor of Puddling

Joseph Hall invented the puddling method for efficient work on the wetland. By puddling, the clay particles are dispersion partial, that release enough clay to fill many pores between the structural units.   

Significant Methods of Puddling 

Here, we are showing some essential methods of puddling. Following are the puddling methods – 

1. Manual Puddling

  • Puddling considered a tillage system, in which the soil is harrowed and ploughed into submerged conditions that make it soft for transplanting and less permeable to water. 
  • Different tillage equipment is used to make the soil impermeable by manipulating it in standing water in puddling. 
  • When manipulating the soil is difficult, then farmers select a manual option for puddling work. 
  • For manually puddling operation, the most common tool is hand spade, it cuts and inverts the soil. 

In a very less area and less water, this method is preferable.

2. Bullock-Drawn Puddling

  • In the bullock-drawn puddling method, the special used puddling equipment are the mouldboard plough, indigenous plough, cultivator, disc plough etc. 
  • The operation of puddling is performed by bullock- drawn country plough which is most commonly used in India. 
  • It has a high unit draft force as compared to forward inclined cultivators whose unit draft force is low. 
  • This type of plough is popular and widely used by small farmers on a limited scale. 


3. Power Tiller Operated Puddling 

  • It used 8-12 hp self-propelled machines which are suitable for rice fields, called a walking type tractor or power tiller. It can take short turns easily without any effort. 
  • Sometimes tractors do not accomplish puddling operation in small fields. The power tillers are designed for doing puddling operations to solve this problem which suits small and marginal farmers. 
  • Power tillers can also work submerged water up to its exhaust manifold. The puddling wheel is mounted on a wheel hub in place of a pneumatic wheel, supported and powered by the transmission system. 
  • The lugs are triangular-shaped along with outer edges, that offer hard tillage and chopping action. 
  • The rotary unit attached at the rear of the power tiller, name rotavator. 
  • It consists of a rotating axle on which blade holders are welded to which blades are fitted spirally. 
  • The engine operates it through reduction units and transmission. 
  • The significant advantages of a power tiller are a single machine can replace the operation of four ploughings, levelling, and harrowing. 
  • Due to its durable feature, it gains high popularity between the farmers. 

4. Tractor Drawn Puddling 

  • In the market, there are many tractor operated puddling equipment is available such as disc, plough, cultivator, and rotavator. 
  • A cultivator is the most used equipment in some of the parts in India. But with rotavator tractors, it can complete tasks efficiently at a less time because cultivator is more dangerous on waterlogged conditions while taking turns at headlands. 
  • The Indian farmers accept tractors fitted with a rotavator. Rotavator includes a rotating axle on which blades are fitted. 
  • The attachments are mounted at the tractor’s rear end and operated by the engine through a PTO shaft. 
  • Tractor with a rotavator can perform wetland operation and soil churning. 
  • Rotavator is an active tool, and cage wheel is an accessory that provides traction in the wet tillage. 
  • It is fitted on both sides of the tractor rear axles and gets strength or power from the engine by the gearbox. 
  • For this method, the New Holland tractor is perfect and reliable. 

Advantages of Puddling

  • It required less power in tillage. 
  • Transplanting rice is easy due to soft mud. 
  • It can control weeds. 
  • Water loss reduced due to puddling. 
  • Increment and improvement in nutrients due to puddling. 

Which Tractor is Best for Puddling Work 

New Holland tractor is suitable for Puddling work. It has all the unique features that perform puddling operations efficiently. With innovative farm solutions, the New Holland tractor accomplishes multiple farming operations and provides high production. It is appropriate for puddling operation because it comes with metal face waterproofing that permits long life for the rear shafts.

These are all about puddling operations. We hope you enjoyed this blog and delighted with it. To know more about the New Holland tractor, stay tuned with us. 

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