Science Behind YouTube Views

The Science Behind YouTube Views: Understanding the Algorithms

YouTube is the world’s most popular video-first social networking site where millions of videos are uploaded and watched daily. 2.5 billion users of YouTube (YT) watch 694,000 minutes of video per minute. YouTube’s recommendation system is responsible for those views. Thus, influencers, content creators, and social media marketers must understand the science behind YouTube views and unlock the secret of the YT algorithm.

Understanding the YouTube Algorithm

YouTube’s algorithm is an AI-powered recommendation system that is responsible for bringing the most engaging and appealing videos to YouTube’s users. It started by recommending high-quality videos that draw the most views and clicks. However, over time the algorithm undergoes numerous changes to understand users’ preferences, interests, and behaviors.

Engagement and preferences let the algorithm know what a user is interested in discovering less or more of. The algorithm prioritizes videos that follow their guidelines and come from trusted creators and authoritative channels.

How does the YouTube Algorithm Work?

YT’s algorithm offers different recommendations to each user based on their interests and watch history. When deciding which video to deliver, the algorithm also considers the quality and performance of a video. It takes into account ‘which videos users have watched in the past’, ‘what channels or topics they enjoyed earlier’, and ‘what videos are watched together’.

Additionally, YT considers several metrics for the recommendation algorithm. It includes do users ignore the video, watch it, or tap not interested, view duration, likes and dislikes, and the average percentage viewed. Regional context i.e. the language and the time of day also matters to impact the YT algorithm.

What Counts as YouTube Views?

Whenever any viewer starts playing a video on their device and watches it for a minimum of 30 seconds, it is counted as a view. Additionally, if you watch your own video, it counts as a view. When a user watches your video multiple times, each screening is counted as a new view. Live views are also counted on the platform. When a group of videos created by different users or recommended in the search bar are played like this, then that view will not be counted.

YouTube counts views for short-form videos, long-form videos, live-stream videos, and shorts under different situations –

  • A user clicked the Play button to start the video.
  • A video has been played for at least 30 non-consecutive seconds.

Repeat views can count in total views. However, YouTube will stop counting repeated views from a specific account or a device within 24 hours. YouTube will start counting a view again when the same user plays a video once again after 24 hours.

YouTube temporarily stucks the view count for a certain period when the video view count reached 300. YouTube freezes videos to ensure that those views are legitimate plays by real humans. The system starts tracking the first 300 views and incoming views. When any fake view is determined, it is deleted immediately.

When your video was only uploaded within the last few hours, YouTube’s system is likely to filter views to identify their legitimacy. Once the initial screening process is completed, the view counter reaches normal, however, YouTube continues to monitor which views are legitimate and which are produced by bots. Once the whole process is over, the view count will update more often and provide a precise representation of views.

Creators changing their view count details risk getting their videos deleted from the platform, getting their YT account suspended, and losing monetization opportunities. This is why it is recommended that when you buy YouTube views check their genuineness and quality. When YouTube’s algorithm finds genuine views in your posts or channel, it will push and promote your content to the suggested videos of users or on their homepage.

Importance of YouTube Views

As you read above, the algorithm is one of the largest gatekeepers to YouTube’s success, receiving a large number of views helps in providing what the algorithm requires. Maximizing the view count helps with improved ranking as the algorithm will push your content out to more viewers.

Views are highly important because without them getting an average view duration length is difficult. Just like subscribers, views are crucial vanity metrics that allow users to predict their future growth. Furthermore, views play a significant role in how you can earn money through your YouTube channel.

All other YouTube metrics that the algorithm cares about like average view duration, watch time, and more can only be tracked by receiving views. Social media experts also recommend views more important than subscribers for the channel’s growth. It is an excellent way to increase awareness and develop brand credibility.

Views per unique viewer are also crucial metrics that refer to the amount of times the average viewer spends on your video. It helps in determining if users can’t get the best of your content and keep rewatching your videos. Topics with plenty of views per unique viewer could be your trending topics. Including them in your content strategy can produce more watch time, views, and subscribers.

Practices to Get More Natural YouTube Views

To stand out from the crowd and bring more eyeballs to your YouTube videos, you can work on the following practices –

  1. Understand your audience and determine what type of videos they love to watch.
  2. Create high-quality that resonates with your audience’s preferences and is relevant to your niche.
  3. Use Metadata to get recommended by the algorithm after a trending video.
  4. Add relevant keywords in your video titles, tags, and descriptions to improve your video’s visibility and bring organic views.
  5. Post videos regularly at optimal times to have a significant impact on views.
  6. Cross-promote your YT videos on your other social media channels or collaborate with influencers to boost exposure and views.


Knowing the YT views is important to succeed on the platform, you must strategize to boost and measure your YouTube views. Follow YouTube’s guidelines and algorithm if you want to implement YouTube marketing strategy.

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