June 22, 2024

Series to Binge-Watch with Your Hostel/PG Gang

If you are looking for aboy’s PG in Noida Sector 62that can be your den for the next couple of years, you are certainly in the best time of your life. There is no dearth of entertainment with the bustling nightlife of Delhi NCR, but there will undoubtedly be days when you will want to chill on your own with your boy’s gang, and what better way than to binge-watch a series that will have you hooked. Here are some suggestions that might help you:

  • All of Us Are Dead

If blood and gore is your thing (and there is no judgment there), this is the best series for you. A school that is supposed to be a secure haven of learning suddenly falls victim to an unprecedented zombie virus. All lessons are tested when students have to figure a way out of the place.

  • Squid Game

This is another series that will have you stuck to your television screen. When a group of penniless people agrees to play what seems like a simple enough child’s game, they choose to overlook the fact that nothing should be taken at face value, and man, do they pay the price.

  • The Last Kingdom

If period dramas are your thing, this is most probably the jackpot you have been waiting for. A long-lost king is back to claim what he believes is his, but not before he has fought with every ounce of life that nestles in him. Deceit, drama, and deception, this show have it all.

  • Never Have I Ever

At the cusp of her teens, Devi has little idea about the cruel twists and turns life has in store for her. Peer pressure, the tussle with parents, and coming of age while dealing with dramatic friends are some of the issues humorously addressed in this crossover show. It is interesting to see how the lives of the side characters are delicately woven in as well.

  • Baby

This Italian TV series will gorge into all your weekends. Discover the secret life of an A-grade student who mishappenly falls into the deadly web of prostitution. Learn how she manages to keep it all under wraps while pursuing a full-time education, and all this when she is actually in no need of cash.

  • Riverdale

If you grew up on Archie’s comics, this is your chance to see them all in the flesh. Reminisce the sweet memories of childhood with this series, that surprisingly is not all fun and games, but a rather honest representation of teenage issues and their solutions. For a boy’s gang in asingle room PG in Noida, this seems like the best show.

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