June 25, 2024

The Benefits of Managed Server

A managed server is your own dedicated hosting service that conjointly provides knowledge storage services wherever the online hosting company manages the servers of the purchasers. additionally, managed servers have their own maintenance and backup systems.

In digital selling and web development company, a client uses a managed server as a result of it’s AN end-to-end solution that matches quality standards and their expectations.

Why we use a managed server.

When you apply a dedicated server, you’ve got the choice to induce managed or unmanaged.

With a managed server, the service provider can manage the server. They keep server software packages updated and fix issues for you.

If you nonheritable AN unmanaged server, you may get to handle all software package connected issues. The service supplier can facilitate with hardware or network connection problems.

The Following Points to why we use managed servers.

  • additional WebLogic Server instances
  • you deploy Web applications, EJBs, and other resources onto the Managed Servers and use the Administration Server for configuration and management purposes only. This is where you run your apps.
  • Managed Servers can be grouped into clusters.
  • one of the examples of a Managed Server is a server running SOA applications, like OSB or BPEL.

Features of Managed Server:

  • Storage & Bandwidth
  • Root SSH Access
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • PHP5 Support
  • SSL Secure Server
  • IPv6 Support
  • Server monitoring
  • Software updates
  • Full CGI Access
  • Network Isolation

Key Features of Managed Server:

  • eCommerce website hosting.
  • Website data security and backup.
  • Data sharing and storage.
  • Streaming, saas & Business solution.

What are the advantages of a managed server?

The o­ne massive advantage of managed servers is that they relieve the clients of getting to take care of the servers themselves. A managed server is provided the client with real resources that area unit dedicated entirely to the client, in an exceedingly managed server, knowledge is safe, secure and 100% dominant of a client.

The basic managed server services include server installation, troubleshooting, monitoring, upgrades, maintenance, and OS updates. With managed server services, a business owner will have a keen target for their organizational goals. firms will enhance the supply and performance of their business.

More Security

Managed server providers utilize extreme security measures to ensure the safety of data stored on their network of servers. In managed server services available to different tools and have an ability to handle, server, block hacking attempts and to protect cyber threats.

They recurring scans for viruses, run security audits to find security an attacker to reduce system, which they can fix in order to prevent the server from being attacked.

They continual scans for viruses, run security audits to search out security AN offender to scale back system, that they will fix so as to stop the server from being attacked.

Control Panel

Managing your server will way more easy with an impressive panel, that creates a program to finish administrator-level tasks like making FTP users and adding websites to your server. while not an impression panel, you’ll singly manage your server via the command line.

Monitoring of Server

In managed hosting server providers’ regular scan of your hardware, software, CUP usage, software system, Application, network traffic, memory space and usage, and etc. so this observation ought to check your web site daily and server operating with efficiency.

Also, the server admins area unit in imperative want of a tool that provides absolute network server observation capabilities by permitting them to look at the standing of machines within the network and to grasp the number of load processed by the network server with the assistance of parameters like traffic, utilization, and range of packets sent/received within the network interface.

managed server perform the monitoring the various important measures such as:

  • Memory Utilization
  • Disk I/O
  • Network Interface and Adapters
  • Hardware Health
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Syslog Errors
  • Event Logs, etc.

Datastore backup system

Also, you wish not to worry regarding hacking attempts, knowledge crash or something that is unfortunate for your web site like Managed WordPress hosting you get machine-driven backups.

Why do we use them?

Managing your own server is agitated and tedious. typically it may end up in feat vulnerability and long. Hence, we have a tendency to let specialists manage a server and that we target developing a web site.


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