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Our best duvet cover products for your home. Whether you are buying gifts, outfitting your guest area, or upgrading your master bedroom – we have the right solution for your needs. Because of a leading provider of home decor related merchandise together with indoor pillows, outdoor pillows, comforters, quilt cowl and many more; Amritasen bedding made up of the best quality materials including 100% percent high-thread cotton and cloth, yet as created with innovative designs or patterns.

What is Duvet?

The duvet is the piece of bedding that goes on the very top of the bed. It’s plush and decorative when the bed is made up, and it keeps the sleeper nice and warm during a good night’s sleep. A typical duvet is almost always plain white, but you can dress it up with a duvet cover and so it matches your other bedding and décor. Like the best bed sheets, there’s something magical about goose down – so plush and lofty.

What is a Duvet Cover?

A duvet cover could be a protecting sleeve that covers your duvet, very similar to bed linen on your pillow. Additionally, to protect the duvet, it allows you to simply amend the planning of your bedding, while not having to switch the complete duvet.

It additionally helps you to amend the fashion of your area while not having to vary the rest. You actually have the choice of adjusting the quilt as per the season or occasion.

What size cover does a duvet need?

Duvet Size Guide

The table below gives measurements for standard us duvet sizes. If you require a duvet size that is different then please get in touch as we are able to make and supply non-standard sizes to order.


Size (cm) Size (inches)
Twin 172.72 68 × 86
Full / Double 218.44 86 × 90
Queen  233.68 92 ×  96
King 243.84 96 ×  110


Twin Size

A twin-size duvet cover (also known as a single duvet cover ) measures 68 × 86 and is better most suited for children, guest bedrooms, hotel bedrooms, and young teenagers. We recommend using a standard twin duvet cover, which measures in at 68 × 86. Our bestselling twin duvet is the boho flower cream magenta duvet cover which offers a unique synthetic fill with an airy, down-like feel (and can be easily machine-washed, a lifesaver for kids’ rooms).

Full / Double Size Duvet Cover

A double bed duvet cover (referred to as a full bed duvet cover ) measures 86 × 90 – wider than a twin-size duvet cover. A double size duvet cover is excellent for kids or single adults that require a bit more room than twin-size duvet cover. They are an excellent possibility for a guest space, as they’re quite spacious for one person, however, two adults will still share one (although it’s going to be a small amount of a decent squeeze).

For a double/full bed duvet cover, we have a tendency to advocate a typical double comforter, which generally measures around 80 × 89. Our bestselling double size duvet cover is that the Lost Leaves Blue Duvet Cover, which is created from pure Poly blend fabric. If you have got associate extra-deep or pillowtop pad, and otherwise you like your bedding with extra-long coverage on the perimeters of the bed, one alternate possibility is to use a queen-size duvet. several of our customers value more highly to do that and love the additional dimension it provides.

Queen Size Duvet Cover

Your master bedroom is big, you have children/pets sharing the bed with you, you are tall or you are a couple who like to have extra space while sleeping? A queen size duvet cover offers enough space for your little one and you too! So, why wouldn’t you want more space for everyone to be comfortable? While there isn’t much of a size difference between a full and a queen, often it’s more difficult to search out bedding for a full. Move and get the queen pad currently and you may be inundated with the number of bedding choices you will have for your kid for years to come!

King Size Duvet Cover

King size duvets cover to be one of the most popular sizes sold, therefore we stock a full range of king sizes and both synthetic and natural feather and down fillings to ensure you can effortlessly create your perfect duvet. If you’re sleeping on a bed made for a king, your linens should boast of style and comfort fit for a king. Amritasen design king-size duvet not only ensures that you’ll get a good night’s sleep; it also helps you maintain your king-size comforters for a longer period of time.

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