June 20, 2024
Increase Productivity at Workplace

The best Way to Increase Productivity at Workplace

The most common question in the 21st century is “How to Increase Productivity?” When people join their job or start a new business, face many issues about it. However, increasing productivity can benefit us in many ways, but many of us do not know how can we optimize it.

At the workplace, we are all familiar with unfinished projects & missed deadlines. At the end of the day, we feel exhaustive & find an alibi for missed deadlines. If we do not like our usual schedule at work and working hours, we can change it.

The simple solution is to optimize Productivity. It is the reason for our unfinished projects and missed deadlines. It can help us to finish our projects before deadlines, and it will affect our reputation at the workplace.

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“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst” – William Penn. Productivity is all about managed your time, namely, good time management skill is essential & motivation to stick to it. Managing your hours smartly is the way to get your pick level.

You have two options to increase your output: (1) Add more hours in a day, (2) Work Smartly. The first one is not possible, so we have only one option; Work Smartly. Follow the tips on how to become productive and change your daily routine at the workplace, feel fulfilled & satisfy at the end of the day.

  1. Plan Your Day

Work stress comes when you think about how busy will your day be. This thinking kills your time and your moment. And most importantly, play a crucial role in decrease your productivity.

Plan your work before you start your work. Planning will give a clear understanding of your work: what will you have to do? It will help you stay focused on your work.

  1. Stop Multitasking

According to researchers, multitasking is a killer of productivity. Because doing multiple works simultaneously creates a mental block that can reduce your concentration & energy. Therefore, Focus on only one task at a time and move to the next when you finish that task.

  1. Give Time Limit to Every task

According to researchers, only 17% of people can accurately track the passage of time. Many of us can not estimate it accurately, that’s why they do not know for how long they’re working on a particular project.

This will take your additional time, which means it kills time for other tasks. According to Elon Musk, “IF YOUR GIVE YOURSELF 30 DAYS TO CLEAN YOUR HOME, IT WILL TAKE 30 DAYS. BUT IF YOU GIVE YOURSELF 3 HOURS, IT WILL TAKE 3 HOURS”.

Giving yourself a specific time limit and Self-deadlines can help you to finish that task in that matter of time. Ultimately, you can finish your project in your decided time period.

However, tracking time while work is not an easy task. Because sometimes you deep dive into your work so much that you forgot to track your time. So, it is important to know “ How to track Time” before you give yourself a time limit.

In this scenario, use a tool to get the remainder of the time passage. Being involved in any work or meeting, you need something that reminds you of time or brings your instant attention to it.

Hourly Chime is an app that is there to help you to manage your time. The app plays short sounds at preset intervals. Get yourself occupied in daunting tasks & quickly have an alert sound to bring attention towards passing time.

  1. Minimize Your Distraction

To achieve your optimal level of productivity, you need to avoid all your distraction that kills your time. It can be anything, it might be a phone notification or thinking about a movie you saw last night.

We can not get rid of every distraction, that’ why we recommended it to minimize. We all can distract by something, and the fun fact is we do not know we are actually distracted. At this point, we need something that reminds us of our work while we distract.

In this case, also, Hourly chime helps us out. Its ringing sound, at a specific period of time, helps us to bring back our focus on work & provide instant motivation about work.

There are many approaches to increase productivity, but that demands us to quit something which we love during our working hours. It is all about how to manage time for your particular task.

Follow the above steps, you will notice you feel fulfill and satisfy at the end of the work.

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