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Top 10 Curtain Brands for Your Window in India

Top 10 Curtain Brands for Your Window in India

Curtains are one of the important home furnishing items we all need in our home as they always bring attention to themselves, so choosing curtains for our home is a real task. 


A piece of fabric cut into the size of a place where we are going to hang them, they can be flowy, in pleats, printed, embossed, handmade. The main use of curtains is to provide privacy and minimize the light interference in the room.



The color contrast for every furniture item is important, you can’t add all bright items in a room and not everything can be light, things must always go in balance. Draker walls, lighter shade curtains and vice versa.


Fabrics play an important role in giving curtains the life we want, Every fabric have its own feature some are smooth and shiny while others have a little coarse texture, some have a blackout feature where the other let light in, fabric must be chosen keeping in mind the place where it is being used and color as not all fabrics compliments every color.


Texture and patterns are the cherries on top of every curtain, a curtain look gets highlighted by the pattern it has on it. 


The durability of products always depends upon the usage, and the place it is going to be kept, where kids and pets stay; don’t allow cotton or silk curtains as they wear out soon and are difficult to clean.


If you have a busy schedule and don’t get much time to clean your curtains go opt for low maintenance curtains like polyester, and velvet which just with a little dusting can get cleaned soon and even looks beautiful. 


Measurements of your curtains should be always a little longer than the actual one as not every fabric shrinks but it’s better to be cautious, readymade curtains online and even depending upon the pattern you are going to choose pleats, drapery, flowery the length of curtains will vary keep every aspect in mind before buying your curtains.

Top 10 Curtain Brands


Founded in 1999, D’decor has received many milestones in the industry of Home furnishing. D’decor started this journey with a mission of making every home beautiful in all countries. Their products are designed and manufactured by their own designers and factory set. They have copyrights on more than 10,000 designs which makes them stand out every time.

  • D’decor deals with Textures, strips, geometric, floral, Jacquard, Damask, Abstract, Digitally print.
  • The price range goes up to 3000 INR.
  • The sizes available are 5, 7, 9 Ft
  • They are an ideal choice for windows and doors.
  • You can buy them from Amazon, Flipkart, shoppersstop, D’decor.


Founded in 2001, Swayam is growing gradually in the rapidly growing industry of home furnishing. They are manufacturers of a wide range of furnishing products which makes people prefer these as one stop shops for their needs. They are a team of young designers who are always enthusiastic to design and create stylish furnishing.

  • Swayam deals with Mix and match, styling different color combinations into beautiful end products . Animal and cartoon prints
  • The price range goes up to 4000 INR
  • They are ideal for doors, long doors, windows
  • You can buy them from Amazon, Pepperfry, Myntra, Flipkart, Swayam.


Established in 2012,  Cortina Indian is one of the top brands dealing with readymade curtains. The brand’s mission is to provide stylish and extravagant curtains to the user. Cortina is a luxury brand which has evolved into a household brand with in time period, they provide premium products through retail shops, ecommerce stores.

  • Cortina deals with floral, animal, digital, geometric, embroidery, and print.
  • The price range goes up to 1499 INR
  • They are ideal for doors, long doors windows
  • The available sizes are 5,7,9 Ft
  • You can buy them from amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Cortinaindia, pepperfry.


Export hub deals with a wide variety of polyester curtains that are wrinkle and hassle-free making the ideal choice in this fast-paced world. They come in a great range of colors and designs.

  • Export hub deals with floral, digital print, solid, striped.
  • RED HOTThe price range can go upto 3000 INR
  • The available sizes are 5,7,9 Ft
  • You can get them from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, pepperfry, looksgud


Founded in 2008, Decor window entered the market as one of its kind dealing with delicate curtain hardwares too. The unique proposition of Decor window is it provides durability, aesthetic vibes with curtains rods, rings and a complete pack of readymade curtains.

  • Decor window deals with Black out, semi blackout and sheer curtains with designs of damask, floral, abstract, geometry, scroll
  • The price range can go upto 3899 INR
  • The sizes available are 5,7,7.5,9,ft
  • Ideal for long doors, doors, windows.
  • You can buy them from Amazon, Decor window, Flipkart, Pepperfry.


A country’s traditional brand  who designs products from inspiration from all over  the whole world. Established in 201 started from delhi whose goal is to make world a better place to live by offering the indian aesthetic to make their house simple yet elegant.

  • Housethis deals with Floral, lining, print, motif, printed, Abstract
  • The price range can go up to 3899 INR
  • Ideal for long doors, windows, doors
  • You can buy them from Housethis, Pepperfry, Amazon, and Flipkart. 

[email protected] 

Been in for 12 years with gained experience and gradual growth [email protected] had made its name in the curtain industry. It is a project of “Make in India”. It is based in Vadodara, Gujarat. Their goal is to reach masses with a wide range of products. They have a wide price range too which makes them acquire a great number of customers.

  • [email protected] is dealing with Geometric, motif, plain, solid, print, abstract.
  • The price range can go up to 3899 INR
  • Ideal for doors, long doors, windows.
  • You can buy them from Amazon, [email protected], Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, pepperfry, Amazon.


Mintblues is a manufacturer and supplier of a great range of home furnishing products with SKUs of Readymade-curtains. Started as a retail outlet in the city and grew into one of the leading brands online serving customers to make their home elegant by offering them premium furnishing products.

  • Mintblues deals with printed, floral, geometric, and abstract designs
  • The price range can go up to 1699 INR
  • Ideal for doors and windows
  • The size can be customized
  • You can buy them from their website MINTBLUES.COM


 Established in 1980, with an experience of 35 years and in-house manufacturing URBANSPACE never failed to give its end user the quality they wished for. The packaging and the patterns are designed according to the latest trends.

  • Urbanspace deals with Boho Print, sheer curtains, floral, kids, digital, geometric, pom pom curtains
  • The price range can go up to 1699 INR
  • The sizes available are 5, 7,9 ft
  • It is ideal for Doors, long doors, and windows.
  • You can buy them from Urbanspacestore, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Pepperfry.


One of the best traditional material and design suppliers, with their new construction techniques they are running along with the curtains trends to meet their customer’s expectations. This company was established in 2007, mainly focusing on quality, comfort and value of the money the customer are paying.

  • Airwill deals with solid, linings, floral, Damask, stripes
  • The price range can go up to 899 INR
  • The sizes available are 5, 7, 9 ft
  • It is ideal for Doors, long doors, and windows.
  • You can buy them from Amazon, Airwill,Snapdeal, Flipkart

Buying curtains can be a real investment and a long investment until you are those who change curtains every few months, with so many websites offering curtains it is a real task to choose one, above is the list of those companies which offers the best curtains for doors and windows they are even available on many websites which can help you gain a bit more trust in the company.

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