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Top 10 Best Indian Herbal Brands

Top 10 Best Indian Herbal Brands You Must Know

Herbal medicines have gained significant popularity in the Indian pharmaceutical market. With the belief that Ayurvedic products have no side effects and are highly effective, the demand for herbal companies in India has skyrocketed. Ayurveda, which translates to “the science of life” in English, has been practiced for centuries in India to treat various medical issues. As a result, the Indian Ayurveda industry has become one of the fastest-growing sectors, offering a wide variety of herbal products.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 herbal companies in India that provide trusted and natural products and medicines. These companies play a crucial role in promoting the importance of herbal remedies and contribute to the growth of the Ayurvedic industry in India.

Importance of Herbal Companies in India

India, a developing country with a population of over 1.3 billion, has seen a surge in the demand for herbal products. Herbal companies have capitalized on this opportunity by offering a wide range of Ayurvedic items. These companies not only cater to the domestic market but also export their products to various countries, making Ayurvedic products globally recognized.

To ensure quality and authenticity, all Ayurvedic herbal companies in India are ISO-certified and their products are backed by the Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy). The Indian government provides several facilities and support to the Ayurvedic industry to fulfill its obligations towards the domestic sector. This support has allowed herbal companies to manufacture high-quality products using custom A+ quality ingredients.

Herbal companies offer a wide range of products that are beneficial for treating various ailments. Additionally, they provide business opportunities for individuals looking to enter the Ayurvedic industry. Some herbal companies may not have their manufacturing units, but they can still source products from third-party manufacturers and sell them under their brand name.

Top 10 Herbal Companies in India

Here is a list of the top 10 herbal companies in India that have made significant contributions to the Ayurvedic industry:

Dabur India

Dabur India Limited, founded in 1884, is a leading Indian consumer goods and healthcare company headquartered in Ghaziabad. With over a century of heritage, Dabur is celebrated for its dedication to Ayurveda and the production of high-quality herbal and natural healthcare products. Their diverse product range spans Ayurvedic medicines, dietary supplements, herbal cosmetics, and personal care items. Dabur blends traditional Ayurvedic wisdom with contemporary scientific research, offering well-known products like Dabur Chyawanprash and Dabur Honey. This commitment to holistic wellness and natural remedies has made Dabur a trusted name in households across India and worldwide.

  • Founded: 1884
  • Founder: S.K. Burman
  • Headquarters: Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Area served Worldwide
  • Website – https://www.dabur.com/


Himalaya, founded in 1930, is a renowned Indian company specializing in herbal and Ayurvedic healthcare products. Based in Bengaluru, India, the company is celebrated for its commitment to harnessing the therapeutic properties of herbs and natural ingredients. Himalaya’s product range includes herbal supplements, personal care items, and pharmaceuticals, all crafted using traditional Ayurvedic principles and modern scientific research. The brand is particularly known for its skincare, haircare, and wellness solutions. With a strong emphasis on quality, authenticity, and sustainability, Himalaya Herbals has gained the trust of consumers in India and worldwide, promoting holistic well-being through nature-inspired products.

  • Founded: 1930
  • Founder: M Manal
  • Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Area served Worldwide
  • Parent organization: Himalaya Global Holdings Ltd.
  • Website – https://himalayawellness.in/

Patanjali Ayurved

Patanjali Ayurved, established by yoga guru Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna in 2006, is a renowned Indian consumer goods and Ayurvedic healthcare company. Headquartered in Haridwar, India, it is celebrated for its dedication to Ayurveda, offering a wide range of herbal and natural products, including Ayurvedic medicines, dietary supplements, personal care items, and food products. Patanjali emphasizes the use of traditional Ayurvedic ingredients and practices, blending them with modern scientific research. The company has gained immense popularity in India for its natural and holistic approach to health and wellness, becoming a household name synonymous with Ayurvedic wellness and quality products.

  • Owner: Balkrishna
  • Founders: Ramdev, Balkrishna
  • Headquarters: Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India
  • Founded: January 2006
  • Area served: Worldwide
  • Website – https://www.patanjaliayurved.net/

Organic India

Organic India, established in 1997, is a prominent Indian brand known for its organic and Ayurvedic wellness products. Headquartered in Lucknow, India, the company is dedicated to promoting organic farming, sustainable agriculture, and holistic well-being. Organic India offers a diverse range of herbal teas, dietary supplements, and wellness products, all sourced from organic and biodynamic farms. Their products adhere to traditional Ayurvedic principles while meeting rigorous quality and ethical standards. Organic India has gained recognition for its commitment to environmental and social responsibility, making it a trusted choice for those seeking organic, ethically produced, and wellness-focused products.


Zandu is a renowned Indian healthcare and wellness company with a history dating back to 1910. Known for its dedication to traditional Ayurvedic medicine, Zandu offers a wide range of Ayurvedic products, herbal remedies, dietary supplements, and wellness solutions. The company’s formulations are rooted in ancient Ayurvedic principles and combine natural ingredients to address various health concerns. Zandu’s products span categories like digestive health, immunity, pain relief, and skin care, catering to a diverse range of health and wellness needs. Over the years, Zandu has earned the trust of consumers seeking holistic, natural, and time-tested solutions for their well-being.

  • Parent organization: Emami Realty
  • Owner: Emami
  • Founded: October 1910
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, India
  • Founder Sandeep Jhunjhunwala
  • Website – https://zanducare.com/


Baidyanath, founded in 1917 in India, is a renowned Ayurvedic and herbal healthcare company. With a century-old legacy, it specializes in producing a wide range of traditional Ayurvedic medicines, herbal supplements, and wellness products. Baidyanath is recognized for its commitment to ancient Ayurvedic principles, using high-quality herbal ingredients and rigorous quality control. The company offers solutions for various health needs, including digestion, immunity, and skincare. Baidyanath’s products are trusted by millions in India and abroad, making it a prominent name in Ayurvedic healthcare. Their dedication to holistic wellness and natural remedies continues to serve generations seeking traditional health solutions.

  • Founded – 1917
  • Founder – Pt. Ram Narayan Sharma and Pt. Ram Dayal Joshi
  • Headquarters – India
  • Area served – Worldwide
  • Website – https://www.baidyanath.com/


Hamdard Laboratories was founded in 1906 in Delhi, India, by Hakim Hafiz Abdul Majeed and Unani professional Ansarullah Tabani. Hamdard is a renowned pharmaceutical and healthcare company specializing in Unani and Ayurvedic medicine. With a strong commitment to traditional herbal remedies, the company offers a diverse range of herbal medicines, dietary supplements, skincare products, and more. Hamdard is recognized for its quality control and authentic formulations, with products like the iconic “Rooh Afza” herbal drink concentrate gaining popularity. The company has expanded internationally, serving a global clientele, and is actively involved in social and philanthropic initiatives. Hamdard Laboratories continues to be a trusted name in natural healthcare, blending tradition with modernity. Hamdard is an ISO 9001:2008 certified firm and supplies quality herbal products.

  • Founded – 1906
  • Headquarters – New Delhi, India
  • Key people – Hakeem Abdul Hameed
  • Website – https://www.hamdard.in/

Aayuasher Herbals

Aayuasher Herbals is a renowned distributor committed to promoting holistic wellness through high-quality Ayurvedic and herbal products. Our dedication to authenticity and quality sets us apart in the industry. Our diverse range includes Multi Berry Juice, Diabetic Care Juice, Digestion Care, Melatonin Drop, Herbal Tea, and more. Each product blends traditional Ayurvedic wisdom with modern science for optimal efficacy and safety. Quality is paramount, from sourcing the finest herbs to rigorous testing. Sustainability is our ethos; we minimize our ecological footprint through eco-friendly supply chain practices, sourcing from sustainable suppliers, and using recyclable packaging. Join us in our journey towards wellness and sustainability.

Lotus Herbals

Lotus Herbals is a well-established Indian brand founded in 1993, specializing in natural skincare and cosmetics. Headquartered in Noida, India, Lotus Herbals is renowned for its commitment to creating safe, herbal, and cruelty-free beauty products. The brand combines ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern scientific research to offer a wide range of skincare, haircare, and cosmetic items. Lotus Herbals is known for its herbal ingredients, free from harmful chemicals, and its focus on eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Over the years, it has become a trusted name, both in India and internationally, for those seeking natural and ethical beauty solutions.

Website – https://www.lotusherbals.com/


Biotique is a well-established Indian beauty and skincare brand known for its commitment to organic and Ayurvedic principles. Founded in 1992, the company is headquartered in Delhi, India, and specializes in creating herbal and natural beauty products. Biotique’s extensive product range includes skincare, haircare, and wellness items, all crafted using authentic Ayurvedic recipes and organic ingredients. Their formulations are free from harmful chemicals and cruelty-free, catering to those seeking holistic and eco-friendly beauty solutions. Biotique has gained recognition for its dedication to combining ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern scientific research, making it a trusted choice for natural and ethical personal care products.

Website – https://www.biotique.com/

These top herbal companies in India have revolutionized the Ayurvedic industry with their high-quality products and commitment to traditional practices.


Herbal companies in India play a significant role in promoting the benefits of Ayurveda and providing natural alternatives for healthcare. The top 10 herbal companies mentioned in this article have established themselves as leaders in the industry, offering a wide range of trusted and effective herbal products.

If you are considering starting your own Ayurvedic business, it is essential to choose a reliable herbal company that aligns with your values and offers quality products. Whether you are looking for contract manufacturing, third-party manufacturing, or franchise opportunities, these herbal companies can provide the necessary support and expertise.

Investing in Ayurvedic products not only benefits your health but also contributes to the growth of the Ayurvedic industry in India. Embrace the power of herbal remedies and explore the diverse range of products offered by these top herbal companies in India.

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