Top Healthy Natural Treats for Dogs

Every dog requires a healthy natural treat for their growth and development. One question that crosses the mind of every dog owner is where to find healthy natural treats for their dogs. The answer to this question is ‘their kitchen’. This answer may surprise everyone. Some several fruits and vegetables constitute wonderful treats for the dogs. The best thing about these treats is that they are nutrient-dense. The majority of these treats are stapled food which is normally present in the kitchen of every individual. These treats prove to be very helpful in striking the right balance between treating and maintain a healthy weight in the long run.

Healthy and Natural Dog Treats

Healthy diet is a diet that can help your pet to be in sound sate of health. There are numerous options which can be given to your pets but knowing which one of them shall be a healthy option shall be really a boon to the pet lovers. Given below is the list of some of the simple and natural treats or edibles for your dogs that can be added in their daily food routines so that it keeps them safe and healthy.

  1. Apples: there is an old saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This might be true for humans but the same can’t be said about the dogs. However, apples are good for dogs but not a whole apple. Some of the apples can prove to be beneficial for the dog as it is filled with fibers and nutrients which prove to be good snacks for the dogs.
  2. Carrots: these are filled with vitamins and beta carotene. One can easily find carrots in their kitchen. These can be used as a healthy treat for the dogs but must ensure the carrot pieces ate cut inappropriate size.
  3. Green Peas: the majority of the dogs love green peas. Giving you dog some fresh or frozen green peas can be a good treat for them.
  4. Watermelon: there is hardly a human soul on this earth that does not like watermelon. Just like humans, watermelon is liked by the majority of the dogs. This treat proves to be tasty, but also hydrating for the dogs. However, seeds must be removed before giving it to the dog.
  5. Pumpkin: when pumpkin is given in small quantities to the dog then it can offer greater benefits. Pumpkins are known to help the canine with their digestion along with being fibre rich. If you are looking for a healthy, tiny and tasty snack for your Doberman pinscher then pumpkins are a perfect choice.
  6. Cooked Sweet Potatoes: these may not appear to a convenient snack, but it is one of the best healthy natural treats that can be served to the dogs. This treat can be given to them every week.
  7. Bananas: Doberman pinscher loves bananas. They are loaded with healthy nutrients and are a natural choice that can come in handy every time. However, it must not be overused as a treat as they have high sugar content.
  8. Cooked Squash: squashes are considered to be one of the greatest natural treats for the dogs. There are several varieties of squashes available that are safe for the dogs. Squashes can be used as a natural treat for a whole year-round.
  9. Broccoli: over the years cruciferous fruits have provided numerous health benefits to humans. However, it is important to note that their benefit is not just limited to humans. They benefit the dogs as well. Small pieces of cruciferous vegetables can be used as a treat for the dogs. This can prove to be a great option for the dogs as just like humans high fiber foods are easy to digest for the dogs as well.
  10. Blueberries: These are easy little treats that are not only easy to give, but also healthy and tasty.
  11. Strawberries: these are known to be filled with vitamin C. These vitamin C nuggets are loved by every dog. These are also rich in sugar content and thus their quantity must be given accordingly.
  12. Fats and Carbohydrates: giving food products that rich in fat can prove to be good for dogs. Not only they add flavor but benefit the skin of the dog as well. Doberman pinscher usually suffers from hypoglycemia. Thus carbohydrates can prove to be a great source of energy and fiber.


Giving your dog a healthy and natural treat can prove to be very beneficial. However, it is essential to have knowledge associated with the fruits and vegetables that can be given to the dogs. This article would help the dog owners in identifying the best natural treats available for the dogs. There are certain precautions also associated with every treat. These precautions must also be taken into consideration before giving any treat or edibles to the dogs. Eat healthy and let your pet enjoy its lifestyle.


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