Traveling to the USA from India: Reasons Why Visitors Insurance is Vital


Are you or your parents flying to the U.S.? Probably, you are up with all the necessary arrangements to ensure that nothing bothers you on your trip. Right? How about jibing your packing list once again? Let’s do it together. After all, many hands make light work. Here you go!

  • Appropriate clothes? Check.
  • Comfortable footwear? Check.
  • A hoodie or a light jacket? Check.
  • Toiletries? Check.
  • Power adapter? Check.
  • Voltage converter? Check.
  • Medicines and prescriptions? Check.
  • Visitors Insurance? Umm. What’s that? I have already got my travel insurance and health insurance in place.

On asking about your visitors or travel health insurance, the way you reacted is something a lot of travelers do. The reason behind such a response is almost always being uninformed about the importance of such insurance plans. However, once you get to understand how crucial this piece of paper is, you will never ever think of not having it.

Different Travelers, Different Questions!

Apart from being unaware, different travelers have different queries about Medical Insurance for Visitors to the USA.

  • Some ask, is getting visitors insurance complicated?
  • Some worry, is buying such a plan pretty expensive?
  • Some think, is it necessary to get a Travel Health Insurance plan before flying to America?
  • Some are sure, they are covered under their domestic health insurance until something happens overseas.
  • And, some have all these and many more questions spinning in their minds.

Get The Reality Check.

Dear reader, buying Visitors’ insurance for parents USA or yourself is not complicated at all. It is as accessible and hassle-free as buying a home or auto insurance plan. Regarding the commercials, these are worth investing in, owing to the benefits they offer. And whether it is essential to buy a medical travel plan or not, going through this blog will give you not one but many reasons supporting the importance of these plans.

The most important part – you do not need to take any medical evaluation to buy a travel medical insurance plan. Plus, the online buying procedure is quick and requires limited documentation.

Keep reading to get more clarity!

The Cost Of Healthcare In The U.S. Is Pretty High.

The cost of healthcare in the U.S. is skyrocketing. Even a simple visit to a doctor’s clinic can cost you around $350. The average cost of hospitalization for up to 3 days can come up to $30,000, and the charges for fixing a fractured limb can be around $7,500. So, you can understand the amount of money you are likely to spend for getting medical care there without an insurance plan. Therefore, insurance coverage is important. It protects you from paying out for medical bills on your own.

A majority of people do not consider buying one because they think nothing can go wrong with their health (thinking the same can be a big mistake). And unfortunately, if they suffer from any medical emergency, the payment has to be out of pocket. In some cases, this payment can also lead you to the verge of poor credit score, debt, and even worse, bankruptcy.

Visitors’ Insurance Can Guard You Against Financial Turmoil In A Foreign Land.

Is having visitor insurance compulsory when traveling to the U.S.? What if you do not have it? Will the airport authorities stop you from flying if you do not have it? Well, no. The law does not mandate having a visitor insurance plan to fly. You can fly to the U.S. and many other countries without it. However, this piece of document is crucial for you for your sake only.

What if you fall sick in America? What if you meet with an unforeseen accident? Getting quality healthcare in an overseas country like the USA can swipe off your savings in a swoosh. However, if you have an appropriate insurance plan protecting you, you can get the best possible medical care without having to worry about your finances. Isn’t it something every traveler should have?

Your Domestic Health Cover Might Not Come In Handy.

Most health insurance plans you buy in your home country are less likely to cover medical situations happening overseas. Have you ever thought, what if your elderly mother or father suffers a medical emergency abroad? How will you ensure proper medical care for them? What is the best way to avoid financial issues and make sure your parents are fully covered? It is by getting a visitor’s insurance plan for them beforehand. People who rely on their domestic health cover in the U.S., probably, need to reconsider their thought processes.

Visitors Insurance Covers Other Aspects Of Your Trip As Well.

After reading all the above pointers about visitors’ insurance, you might be thinking it caters to your healthcare needs only. However, in reality, it covers even more. On the one hand, it ensures mental peace to your family by covering medical costs. And on the other, it covers other eventualities too. These include the following:

  • Emergency evacuation due to medical issues
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Emergency Local Ambulance
  • Trip interruption
  • Baggage loss, among others

Last But Not The Least…

The perks of a travel medical insurance plan and the extent of coverage are likely to vary from one service provider to another, depending on the policy you choose. To make sure that you get the expected coverage within your budget, the best thing to do is policy comparison. If you go online, you will find many insurance broking portals. Choose the most reliable and easy-to-use site, go to their policy comparison set up, compare different insurance products available with various insurance companies, match it with your needs and preferences, and then zero in on the most suitable one. It is as simple as that.

Pro-tip: A good Travel Medical Insurance plan protects you from all the unexpected yet possible downsides that could happen on your trip. It is always wise to stay prepared with your arsenal rather than repenting in the future.

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