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3 Ways to Transform Your Eyes

The eyes have it, both the good stuff- winking and smiling and the less good stuff- dark circles, crow’s feet, crinkling. You are not likely to give up the good. But you need to find a way to make the inevitable signs of life fully lived a little less obvious.

Eyes Give Your Age First

At some point, it’s hard to accept the signs of ageing you see in the mirror. There used to be a few anti-ageing treatments for turning back the clock without going under the knife. The best thing is you can soften the effects of time on your face with many nonsurgical procedures.

Indeed, many people shy away from eye procedures. The area being so delicate, its functions are so integral. It turns out, non-invasive ageing eye treatments use neurotoxins- Botox, fillers and lasers, often in a way, more efficiently and professionally to smooth, plump and lift.

Reduce Bags and Puffiness with Lasers

Puffy eyes caused due to the changes in underlying facial structures. As we age, muscles and tissues around the eye relax. That, coupled with fading skin elasticity, causes the deeper level fat to come to the surface, causing eyelid bags.


Most people with puffy eyes can be treated anti-ageing treatment with fractional lasers, like the Fraxel Repair. This treatment tightens the skin, along with filler for smoothing. Unless the bags are very big, the surgical treatment called, blepharoplasty to remove excess skin fat, will be needed.

Lighten Dark Circles with Blepharoplasty

To treat dark circles, and aesthetic expert must first determine the underlying cause. Pigment, volume loss, and visible blood vessels, or the combination of all three, are the main reasons. When you gently spread the area with your fingers to make the skin tight, you’ll be able to find out the cause. If the darkness of the skin disappears when spreading, it’s likely to be treated with filler. 


blepharoplasty can also be a winning solution for those suffering from hooded eyelids or looking to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Upper and lower blepharoplasties are possible for such clients as well as combined procedures

Smooth Wrinkles and Lines with Botox and Dermal Fillers

Botox is an effective ageing eyes treatment that works for crow’s-feet. But as the collagen decreases and the lines become etched in, the other best treatment is a fractional laser. The laser works particularly well when the skin around the eyes have lines and creases.

The laser makes insignificant injuries in the skin that fade away within a couple of days. The resultant process creates collagen. For eyelids, both for top and bottom, they lose elasticity with time. Lasers and radiofrequency treatments like Thermage will tighten that skin and make the area smooth.

For some eyelid surgery clients, a fat transfer or repositioning is the best way to go for eyelid areas where fat volume has been lost over the years. The hollow eyelid can be ageing and by filling in the upper eyelid a more rejuvenated and refreshed look can be achieved. This process involves local eyelid fat being transferred to the client’s eyelid hollow, but the process can also use fat from other areas of the body.

Brow Lift

It has been recognized that the eyelid, the brow and the forehead are all connected for giving a youthful appearance. So someone who is desiring for a more youthful appearance and ageing eye treatment may be disappointed if they just get their drooping eyelids treated and nothing else—especially when it comes to their brow covering their eyelids.


There has been a boom in chemical eyebrow lifts procedure. There may be two reasons for this- clients who hesitate to go under the knife, and they are more willing to pay for the more affordable nonsurgical procedure. 


Chemical brow-lifts are accomplished with the use of either Botox or Dysport. Both these treatments relax the muscles that pull the eyebrow down. The desired effects last from three to six months.


Sometimes drugs for brow-lifts are also used for non-surgical anti-ageing treatment, such as laser peels that tighten the forehead lines and elevate the eyebrow, or fillers for the eyebrow that give the appearance of a lifted brow.

See an Expert Practitioner at Clinic Dermatech

Thus, when creams and serums aren’t enough to get the best possible result for anti-ageing treatment, it may be high time to seek professional help. Whether you’re an anti-ageing novice looking to exfoliate or you’re ready to take the plunge and try for some aesthetic anti-ageing treatment, find out how your dermatologist can deliver brilliant results quickly! Tell them your goals and enquire about costs, benefits, and risks if any.

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