May 27, 2024
Shared Office Spaces

What Are Shared Office Spaces And Why They Are In Demand?

Shared Office Spaces are in high demand as entrepreneurial India is growing rapidly. The varied options that are pay per use internet facilities, networking with like-minded people and many more have led to an increase in shared or co-working office spaces.

According to a report by The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, the shared office spaces industry has been upscaling drastically. In 2019, the increase was at 12% from that of 5% in 2017. Most of the Millenials and corporates are opting for shared office spaces rather than their own offices. These shared spaces are not restricted to developed cities but are actually flourishing in tier-II cities as well. Now, it becomes more important to understand why shared spaces are in so much demand.

  • Stronger Networking and Collaboration

Shared office spaces enable an individual to get a better perspective of things that he/she might be working on. Also, interaction with people from different disciplines increases the horizon to think beyond limits and the collaboration becomes strong as well. Networking might also give a kick start to a new business or startup within a shared space office.

  • Working away from the office made easy

In traffic crowded city roads when you take about hours to reach your office but also fail to concentrate on your daily work tasks at home, that is when Shared office spaces come to your help. Located in almost every major corner of a city, co-working spaces are economical to stop by and finish your work than traveling around cluelessly. Hence, making work from anywhere flexible and travel-free.

  • Facilities like home under one roof

Shared space provides facilities like home without any distractions. A perfect desk, high-speed internet, facilities to book meeting rooms from mobile phones making the spaces more accessible to use. Also, food, hygiene, and security are taken care of without any doubt. Paying for the facilities as per utilization makes it more convenient for any corporate as well to take up shared spaces in tier-II cities for their new hires and expansions.

  • Co-working to Community Building

Co-working spaces give you the ambiance to be focused on work, the attitude of like-mindedness, togetherness and the spirit of achieving the goal becomes clearer. Co-working spaces can be referred to as living virtual platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to interact, share and build on an idea or thought process. Making friendships personally and professionally and forming communities of work, travel, play and many more that are real-time benefits for people.

In today’s India, where our economy has the capacity to grow multifold and the entrepreneurial journey on an individual is not restricted to one single idea. Shared office spaces are here to stay and grow beyond. Adding to the personal and professional lives of people, in strengthening their ideas, thought process and providing liberty to think ahead of time is all offered by shared office spaces. With the vibrant atmosphere, secured internet, mobility, and supple facilities shared office spaces will surely assure more growth in the years to come.

PRS Associate CoWork-Space

The PRS Associates LLP is a Jaipur based company that has launched this concept of co haring offices called Owned by Subir Biswas, We offer office solutions to companies comprising from one person to multiple people. We also offer private cabins for companies to hold confidential meeting with their clients. We also offer on rent office amenities like meeting rooms, training rooms and conference rooms. In keeping with the importance of technology, We also have a virtual office for companies for rent.

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