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The authentic methods at KRI YOGA yoga classes in Bangkok bring about a proper balance and unfold your dormant potential, creating opportunities for a new, happy and joyful life. It is the Yoga for the 21st century built on the foundations of 5,000-year-old physical and mental science combined with the wisdom of Ayurveda

A customized and individually focused Yoga plan is sure to show better results. We, at KriYoga, help you to understand the science behind your body and recommend the best course, based on your body type and environmental factors; just like your very own personal Yoga trainer.

The functioning of all creations from the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms can be understood as the interaction of three fundamental energy complexes called ‘Tri-doshas’ (meaning three body constitution). These 3 doshas are Vata Dosha (wind+space), Pitta Dosha (fire+water) and Kapha Dosha (earth+water). Each one of us has these unique forces in various combinations and for each individual, there is a balanced and imbalanced manifestation of these forces. When there is an imbalance in these forces, the person may start experiencing physical, mental and emotional discomfort or illnesses.

The increased or aggravated state leads to the greatest number of imbalances. These imbalances can arise from a number of influences, including a dosha-aggravating diet or, the most common cause, too much stress in life. We can initiate a restoration of balance when you begin to understand both, your unique constitutional make and the yoga, breathing, and meditation practice to harmonize your internal environment and its needs with the external world.

The carefully crafted Yoga Therapy sessions, under the guidance of Master Kamal himself, help even the most troubled minds to let go of their worries and experience relaxation.

Our hectic lifestyles and an alarming increase in environmental pollution have made psychological and chronic diseases very common. More than often, we may find ourselves disturbed or ill, with medicines showing no effect at all. However, Yoga has proven effective, where everything else has failed! It has the power to bring about a metamorphosis in the mental and physical well-being of people suffering from illnesses.

Many chronic health problems are relieved when you begin performing asana and breathing exercises. This is a therapeutic aspect of yoga, especially for those who suffer from sports injuries and any health problems like pain, stress, high blood pressure, back and neck pain, asthma, gastric troubles, constipation, and sleep disorders.

If Shaolin monks practice dynamic exercises and martial arts to awaken inners power, we too can! Adopting various cardio and martial art methods of elegant movements in performing asanas can help us awaken those dormant powers. Cardio with Yoga helps improve cardiovascular health, release pent up stress, tension, burn fats, build neuromuscular coordination, builds confidence, strength and stamina, giving you a completely new experience.

Join this class for cardiovascular fitness! Lots of fun-filled moves choreographed to help burn fats and tone your arms, legs, and buttocks. These low-impact moves improve your stamina & endurance as it is combined with yoga asanas that give double benefits by making your body flexible and relaxing your mind.

The perfect choice for the enthusiastic crowd and youngsters who want to explore an alternative to their hectic lifestyle.Interested in making a wonderful and promising career in Yoga? Check out our exclusive yoga certification courses in Thailand. Not only are we helping to make the world be a fitter place, but simultaneously, preparing the future teachers of this ancient art. Register today for our yoga teacher training in Thailand and take your first step towards becoming KRI Yoga Master.

Understand how to apply Yoga (ancient wisdom) to modern health and fitness regimes. Recharge your energy and improve your health through practices of asana, pranayama, meditation, and yoga nidra. Learn a Yoga self-practice sequence which can keep up your fitness level high and your mind relaxed at all times. Learn basic body cleansing techniques (kriyas) to detoxify and purify your body. Learn techniques to manage diet, lose weight, improve sleep and reduce stress so that you can live a healthy and happy life. Learn how to improve your concentration and keep up your energy so that you can manage your work, school or family better.

With KRIYOGA seminars, you can find a new and improved version of yourself; a gift of health which you can give to yourself.

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