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Foosball Tactics: Beginners Guide to Become a Foosball Master

Foosball is a very prominent sport. It can be challenging and make or break you. Foosball is found on the night scene in sports bars and lounges alike. Try your hand at a family table and get a high score and you can easily become a barfly idol to family, friends, and onlookers. This is not to mention that is will score high points with the females. 

If you single-handedly find that the ball is drifting front and center to your side of the gaming table, deliver it strong to your opponent and men will envy you and women will adore you.From experience, you will learn to pivot, change hands at lightning-paced frenzies and finished fast-paced games

Wildly rotating the men layered metal bars at precisely the winning moment can set separate the men from the boys and women from the girls. The wrist-flick is a quick and effortless spin of the bar resulting from a quick eye and fast reflexes. With this move, the ball travels at an amazing speed but can bounce wildly back at you or land in your opponent’s designated field of play for the ultimate score.

Circulating the Opponent

The key is to keep a tight defense and leave no open pockets of playing field for your opponent to gain the upper hand. Excellent foosball players will not let the playing field open for any reason to their opponent. Keep your opposite player on their toes, and you will most likely come out as the winner.


To prevent losing the ball, practice “dribbling” it back and forth with one player’s foot, swinging the foot around the ball and tapping it, repeating that on the other side of the ball to keep it in a small area.

Tilting the Opponent

Line your middle bars on the gaming field up with your opponents and devise a defensive amount of outward family field bars with precise judgment and you are sure to block your opponents shot. Your opponent will have to be equally defensive and competitive to out-maneuver and out-smart you at foosball.

Spin shots

It’s typically considered illegal to take a spin shot, it disrupts the playing field more than other maneuvers, and can even be damaging to the Foosball table. You should always practice good sportsmanlike behavior, not to mention respect for another person’s property. If you want to take accurate, powerful shots, start shooting with your wrist. Flick your wrist down while still holding on to the rod to shoot.

Defensive maneuvers in the center and outward bounds of the field area will have you delivering the shot of complete mayhem! Your opponent will try and outsmart you by shooting hard and strong, but if you have your men in line opposite one another there will be no open spaces for him to get the ball past and put it into your goal.

Striker Shooting

Normally, not many hard shots will result in goals, even if you are a foosball expert. Seeing an open space in your opponent’s field is still hard to sometimes shoot for and even make. You do have to seek out chances and take them even if the result is shooting with your strikers hard or soft.

Striking Your Opponent Sideways

Controlling the ball during gameplay will often move the ball swiftly between three opponents. Fast and hard is the name of the game during heated and heavy moments of tense gameplay. Shooting the ball to your opponent with an open space, allows you to deliver all the stamina of swift movement you can deliver.

While these maneuvers won’t guarantee victory, practicing them will make you a more adept player and should give your foosball competitor second thoughts about challenging you to a game.

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