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While the north of India layers up to brace the chilly air in January, Maharashtra prepares to harvest the lush vineyards of Nashik during this time. Maharashtra, also known as the Grape Capital of India, accounts for more than half of India’s grape cultivation, and Nashik’s hot and dry climate makes it ideal for its growth.

When it comes to Maharashtrian food, grapes are found in abundance, especially in the form of black raisins. This dried, seedless, sweet-tart fruit is generously packed with nutrients and antioxidants. There are endless reasons and ways for you to incorporate black raisins into your daily diet. Mentioned below are a few reasons why you must include it in your diet.


Raisins are a good source of essential nutrients. However, soaking them overnight makes them even healthier. Black raisins help eliminate impurities from your blood, and with their rich potassium count, they are also known for reducing high blood pressure when consumed in the right proportion. Black raisins are a rich source of calcium, making them great for bone health. The presence of phytochemicals in black raisins also makes them vital for your dental health. That’s not all! They are also known to keep anemia at bay. Due to their blood purifying properties, black raisins also benefit against PCOS and other women’s health issues like irregular menstrual cycles.


Black raisins are usually fried in desi ghee and are a delicious topping for pulao, korma, ladoo, and desserts like kheer. In 1300 AD, the grape culture originated in India, and later it was generously backed by the Peshwas of Pune in the 1700s. Since then, the locals have made it a vital part of their cuisine. You can soak them in water for an hour or overnight and add them as a topping or a side to your regular meal.


Having a handful of raisins every day improves your skin health as well as digestion. There are endless ways to make it an irreplaceable part of your diet. Add it to your oatmeal along with a few slices of apples or berries, and voila, you have got yourself a snack you won’t regret an hour later. For the times when only a scoop of ice cream can make your day, add a handful to your ice cream and let it refrigerate for an hour. It doesn’t only lend a unique tangy flavour, but also comes loaded with several health benefits!

The taste of black raisins depends fairly on the way they are processed. You can try the Jumbo Black Raisins by homegrown brands like Aazol that carefully source the fruit grape from Nashik’s famed fields and prepare it with minimal processing.

Happy snacking, you all!

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