June 17, 2024

11 Super Elegant Mangalsutra Designs for Indian Bride

Weddings are going on. I am sure that girls will be fully engaged in their wedding shopping and why not! Marriage is the most important day of their life. She would capture her day in the eyes forever and shop for the most expensive jewelry and clothes to capture some golden memories in the photo so that she can look most beautiful on her special day.

Girls are very confused at the time of marriage – about what to buy and what not to buy. If she starts buying something then after that, she also gets into a very difficult and confusing situation regarding the design.

Selecting from the design of the dress to the jewelry design is very difficult. But nowadays it has become difficult for girls to select the design of another thing.

Magalasutra Design – Yes, this is the most important thing for every girl, especially for Indian girls.

Mangal ‘and Sutra’ is made up of two words, which means ‘an auspicious thread’. This thread is considered the most sacred in Hindu Dharam and is one of the most important ornaments for new brides. Wearing a Magalasutra reflects the marital status of girls. During the marriage, the boy ties Magalasutra around the neck of the girl, which symbolizes their growing in this love bond.

But now Mangalasutra is no longer a thread for girls but has also become a fashion trend. Girls no longer like to wear jewelry. Therefore she prefers to wear lightweight pendants. Keeping this in mind, there are so many Mangalsutra Designs available in the market, which has been made keeping in mind the fashion and trends. Now you can move around easily wearing it like any fashion.

We have selected some of the best and new Mangalasutra designs, which you will surely like.

Gold and diamond design

If you are active about a little trend, then you must know about the design made of a mixture of gold and diamond. This is very much in practice these days. The designs are completely trendy as well as traditional.

Pristine Pearls Design

Pearls made of pearl are very much liked by girls. Girls nowadays wear pearl pendants. Hence Mangalasutra along with black pearl bottom lockets are also made of pearls, which are available in quite attractive designs. You will also be able to wear them on a regular base after marriage.

Bespoke Elegance

This beautiful design made up of five solitaires is among the first choice of girls, even mine. It is light in weight and attractive in appearance as well as expensive and looks very cute. Most of the office going girls like to go to this kind of Mangalsutra after marriage.

Mangalsutra with Zodiac sign

After the marriage of Sonam Kapoor, the demand for this designed Mangalsutra in girls increased. Because he wore a design made of himself and being PTI’s zodiac circle at his wedding. Therefore, if you want, you can also get Mangalasutra designed for you and your PTI’s zodiac design.

Mangalsutra design with Nameplate

It is like a locket and chain worn around the neck with your name written on it. You can get a new a Mangalsutra design done by writing the name of both you and your husband in the pendant below. It is quite trendy nowadays and is available in an attractive design.

Floral design

This is a Mangalsutra with a design that is evergreen means – its custom will never end. In this, you also get studs worn in the ears along with the Mangalsutra. So that it feels like a complete jewelry set.

Curve-shaped design

I think according to the choice of today’s girls, you will not get a beautiful and attractive design. It has two lines made of beautiful black fine pearl and the bottom has long and thin pendants made in a curve. Small in appearance and light in weight, you can easily wear it around the neck.


New brides who are looking for attractive Mangalsutra design I think they should think about this design. It comes in a lightweight plus jewel stone and attractive design. It has a heart-shaped pendant at the bottom which is made of white Gems and black pearl.

Traditional design

Many girls like old and traditional design items. If you are also one of them, then you can choose Mangalsutra with this design. It is of a very old design that will give you a vintage look.

Unique chain

This type of design includes a chain with a completely different look, along with black pearls. Whichever way you want, you can have it made. If you want, keep it heavy or light. You can also make it completely gold. It can look like a round neck set.

Half neo-traditional design

This will be the most super and unique design you’ve ever seen. In this design, one end is made of original black beads and the other is made of gold unique chain. Nowadays this design is very trendy and a dam is a right choice for taking some stylistic look.

I think all these designs are quite different and different. You should think about these designs in this wedding season. You can also get the design made keeping in mind your budget. It is easily available at all costs. If you want, you can reduce the gold carat to keep the design affordable.

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