3 Ways to Make Black Friday a Green Christmas

Black Friday is a special day for e-commerce. It opens up sales time – a time when there are great opportunities. It’s popular, but our experience shows that many sellers are wondering why they’re not willing to sell more. In 2016, Black Friday falls on November 25. As always, most major retailers and online stores often open at midnight or early. Now is the time to prepare. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items.

When Is Black Friday 2019?: Details on the Date, Time, Hours, and More

Plan promotions for each holiday.

There are lots of holidays between November and the end of December, and you need to know which of your online stores are participating. You can choose all of them, but managing all your business and activities is not easy. It may make sense to focus only on popular holidays such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Christmas.

Confirm your work.

Planning marketing initiatives and activities can be very beneficial for stressful and extremely difficult holidays. With all the activities and notes, Advertising Plan and Calendar allows you to remember everything you did on time. For example, you can add the following.

Dates for uploading or updating photos and banners in the online store.

Send business days when you need to send email to a specific audience of customers.

Time to start and stop AdWords business, for each ad, etc.

Explain the refund policy and payment options.

Most online stores offer a more flexible return and exchange policy during the marketing season. Whether or not this service is for your store, you need to consider in detail how it will affect your business and the process.

In addition, additional payment options may be considered. Some of these are easy to implement, and conversions and revenue can be increased by customers who prefer these payment methods fuel injector cleaner blackfriday.

Choose your ad channels carefully.

A variety of marketing campaigns are planned to get the best results. Careful planning is essential when it comes to multi-channel advertising. We recommend that you pay attention to a few advertising channels that have experience working with you or that may attract professionals to help you. Below we analyze some popular advertising channels.

Quality content helps drive sales. You definitely need to set up blog posts for every big business. With keyword design and SEO optimization, your blog post can be an effective way to attract new users. Remember that SEO takes time. Content should be published in advance because the published article starts getting traffic within 1-2 months.

Email business – based on your CRM system and customer base – can be a very effective source of traffic to your online store. If you can select different categories of customers and create the right message for each audience, you will significantly increase sales. Take a look at the converters purchased at your store in November and late December last year. It will give potential customers a variety of products, discounts, benefits and more. The most important part is to make a special connection to provide information. In most cases, this is what people like to do in preparation for the holidays. Therefore, they will only resort to this as a last resort. If customers have bought something in the past year, they will be even more loyal.

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