4 Major Things to Know about Vehicle Insurance in UAE

Government of UAE mandated all registered cars and vehicles should compulsory carry Motor Insurance Policy. The cars and vehicles won’t solely have to be compelled to register, however they must be revived every annum thenceforth in conjunction with buying of motor insurance. The UAE Insurance Authority has made unified motor insurance policy as a basic for every insurance provider in UAE to be offered. All the Best Motor Insurance companies in UAE offer protection more than the unified motor insurance policy.

It is the Technology that revolutionized the traditional Insurance Industry’s foundation, operations, and distribution. In recent times policyholders can see a visible change in the process of insuring, claiming insurance benefits and filing documents. Insurtech simplifies the customer journey, policy management and increases penetration and reach of insurance. It also brings about a visible competition to thrive in the Insurance Industry

4 Major Things one should know about Motor Insurance in UAE:

1. Motor Insurance-Types in UAE

There are two types of Motor Insurance in the UAE.

  1. Third-Party Insurance
  2. Comprehensive Motor Insurance.

Following an accident where you’re guilt, you could end up either hurting any pedestrians or passengers in the other cars or end up damaging other motor cars or public property damage. Third Party Insurance (TPL) will come to your rescue at this point.

If you suffer damages to your car either due to your mistake or the by others, Comprehensive car insurance will cover loss or damage.

2. Unified Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy – Rights

Your insurance company should reimburse you for loss or damage to your Motor Vehicle and its accessories (standard accessories provided at the time of buying your vehicle), including damaged parts and spare parts due to an accident, hit and run, collision, overturning, fire, explosion, spontaneous combustion, lightning, theft, robbery, any intentional action by third party.

It is not just that, you will be glad to know that even if your vehicle happens to be towed; your comprehensive car insurance policy will still respond. This includes even during the loading and unloading of your vehicle to tow.

Your comprehensive car insurance policy will cover both total loss and partial loss to your vehicle.

3. Who is accredited to drive under the unified comprehensive car insurance policy in Dubai, UAE?

You are the licensed person to drive the vehicle however you’ll be happy to notice anybody holding a driver’s license issued in UAE may also drive your vehicle along with your permission. Kudos!!!!! It’s not simply you, your family and friends may also drive in UAE.

Furthermore, does one apprehend that if your driver’s license has invalid at the time of the accident, you’ll still be protected provided you manage to renew the license in 30 days.

Don’t you conclude this rational!!

4. Online Insurance – Where shall you buy

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