June 22, 2024

4 questions to ask plumbing before renovation!

If you are looking for a renovation, be sure to talk to a plumber. It will help to avoid many difficulties and mistakes during the repair. And don’t forget to ask him 4 important questions.

Is it realistic to embody my Ideas?

Discuss all your wishes regarding the layout of the bathroom – from the smallest to the largest. For example, there may be communications in the partition, so its demolition must be approved by a plumber. Tell us how you will sew up the batteries and hide the wiring – access to them should be convenient for the master.

Feel free to ask questions, put together a sewerage and water distribution plan, and be sure to check the requested payment against the market.

Are my plans safe?

Ask the plumber to check if all the stopcocks and filters are in place, the condition of the pipes, valves and risers, whether it is necessary to dismantle the entire plumbing cabin. In case of replacement, let a professional explain in detail which material is of better quality and why.

Focus on risers – Private plumbers either prefer to remain silent about their condition or, conversely, offer unnecessary alterations. Clear indications for replacement: leaks, cracks, bad odor. The same applies to pipes: they should be replaced if they are rusted, leaking, or the water pressure has decreased.

Before repairing: Check if there are plans to replace risers in your house in the near future. If you yourself will change your part of the riser, choose metal, not plastic.

How to choose plumbing?

This must be done before finishing work begins. There may be differences in the systems for connecting to communications – the plumber should familiarize himself with the selected models in advance.

Before going to the store, ask what to look for, what type of sewer system you have. Non-standard installation is possible, but it will cost many times more. The necessary parts can be entrusted to buy plumbing – they have discounts in specialized stores. If you go yourself, ask for a list of the materials you need and specify what you can save on.

What kind of work experience do you have?

To determine the qualifications and reliability of the master, find out about the work experience, ask for recommendations, ask what tools he uses, what is the deadline for the work, whether it provides a guarantee. For Plumbing Services Click here

A private plumber is usually more responsible, but his services are more expensive. Have a foreman first for light work, such as replacing faucets. And introduce your master to other builders. An experienced plumber always coordinates his actions with the foreman.

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