4 Things about the Cloud That Companies Probably Thought Wrong

The term “Cloud” has become a buzzword for many enterprises and entrepreneurs in the recent years. The demand for cloud consulting services has grown significantly and the impact is here to stay. Despite the many hot news about cloud surfacing up, still many companies are wary about the cloud. Here are the top 4 things different organizations have mistaken about the cloud.

cloud consulting services

  • It’s all about money

Many believe that the primary reason for moving to the cloud is to save money. Relying on in-house IT resources/maintenance and physical servers can be cost consuming. But, really costs savings is only a small part for organizations to use the cloud. There’s more for businesses to choose and love the cloud.

  • It’s not secure

It’s a popular belief that the cloud is less secure compared to on-premise infrastructure. But, the reality is completely opposite. The cloud has witnessed minimum security breaches compared to on-premise systems. On-premise servers are prone to human errors when regular security updates are not applied, or when unsafe software is installed, or when the best security practices are not followed. In the case of cloud, the system is regularly updated and the security is constantly monitored.

  • It’s only for Big Businesses

It’s quite true that a majority of the big enterprises use the cloud. Still, small and medium-sized businesses should also move to the cloud owing to saving, collaboration, and organizational flexibility. Bigger is not always better in the case of cloud. So, no matter how big or small, the cloud is here to help you move faster and achieve more.

  • We think we don’t need it

You may not be a technology, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need the cloud. Even if you use an email system, organize documents and spreadsheets, involve in social media, you are using a form of the cloud. Choosing a customized cloud solution for your business can work wonders, from ability to work from anywhere to decreased operational expenses. Make the decision now or get left behind.

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