June 18, 2024

5 Factors to Consider While Selecting a Boarding School for Girls

After globalization, India has widened its mentality. Evident from the fact that girl child is no more considered as a burden. It is an era when the girl child is considered as the bliss instead. It’s the era when they can relish all the amenities, resources as well as challenges that their counterparts are entitled to. Even they have exposure to the toughest education and training like that of civil and defense services, to lead the kind of jobs that were once regarded as the masculine job.

And it’s the parents, to whom the credit goes for this tremendous change. Starting with access to early education, the parents like you are willing and open to buy them access to the best educational resources. So, in that very quest, if you happen to look forward onto the option of boarding school for girls, then you must ponder on a few factors byStudent Accommodation Oneto consider while selecting a boarding school for your girl child.

  • On-campus Life of Boarding School for Girls

On-campus life of the boarding school happens to be among the most important concerns of the parents while they heed for such residential schools for girls. However they normally rely on the recommendations of other people, but the best way to make sure about campus life would be to visit the boarding school campus yourself. To evaluate all the aspects of a boarding school like admission process, safety and security measures, accommodation, teaching and non-teaching staffs, infrastructure and other amenities etc.

They should also enquire about the past participation performances of students not only in academics but also in non-academic fields like in sports and other areas. The parents should also do a few little pieces of research about the available options of boarding school and compare and contrast theses to narrow down to the best suitable one. For this, one can also read and get more information by visiting the online portals like this one.

  • Boarding Schools: Safety and security measures

Surely, the safety and security reasons act as the most decisive factor while choosing the best boarding school for girls. For this, the concerned parents should look for the school that offers complete safety and lays special attention to the security measures. Also, they should check whether the school follows standard procedures as recommended by various authority and regulatory bodies or not.

The best boarding schools for girls in India like CP Gurukul pay extra attention to their girl’s student. Wherein they offer separate facilities like separate sports facilities, grooming parlour, separate hostels managed by female staffs etc. And the provisions of exclusive time of access to intimate spaces like that of a swimming pool, fitness and gym areas and others. Other measures include the availability of security staff and vigilant CCTV camera coverage of entrances and common areas round the clock, to avoid the security breach.

  • Evolving true potential through overall development

With so much extra attention on the safety and security measures paid to the girl students on mental, physical and social fronts. It must not compromise with their involvement in different formats of learning opportunities, be it academic or other extracurricular. The pursuit of safety and security should not put them behind the vile and compromise with the overall development of these kids.

Whether it’s the boarding school with co-education or an exclusive residential school for girls, the girl students must not get cut short at opportunities in the name of being feminine. They must get all the chances to realize their true potential, by not limiting them to only academic aspects. They should be allowed to get involved and peruse all the co-scholastic activities of their choice. With exposure to different cultures, some of the top boarding schools in India like Career Point Gurukul nurture their girl students on the same lines. Wherein, special psychological attention is laid on their students who are entering the adolescence phase. Since it is a stage, that creates a lot of intrinsic mental chaos during the changes that take place in a child emotional behaviour and ethical growth. Thus the boarding school enables their wings to take its full span through overall holistic development.

  • Accommodation and related facilities of the Boarding school :

As a parent, whether you are considering the best boarding school for girls only or a co-ed boarding school, you must check the accommodation facilities. Visit the school and check the rooms and other private space of the hostel, mess facility, washrooms and other common recreational areas yourself. This way you can make sure that your girl child gets to live in a healthy environment. Additionally one should check, the monitoring procedures that the wardens implements, as well as their availability and access of male staff and boys students. Along with paying a visit to the boarding school, you should also talk to the alumni if they are easily accessible or you may request the school management to arrange the contact for you.

  • Faculty members and management staff of the boarding school

It’s the teachers that impart and impacts the overall performance of any students and not the infrastructure. Therefore the parents should not get impressed only by the modern and world-class facilities for students. Instead, they should check whether the school has enough number of qualified teachers according to the required student-teacher ratio. Since it’s the teachers who not only propel a student towards academic success but also catalyze the needed emotional and psychological development of the adolescent child.

Additionally, the parents should put some of their valuable time aside and meet and interact with the teachers and management staff of the boarding school. Also, they should inquire about the availability of teachers on the campus of boarding school itself. This will also open up other aspects of that school.

After choosing the best boarding school for girls that suit your ward, pay attention to the admission process and register on time, to avoid further glitches.

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