May 26, 2024

After Almost One Year of Lockdown, We Can’t Wait To Travel

Our bucket lists are brimming with places far and wide. We have made a million travel plans with our loved ones already and can’t wait to execute them. From the picturesque beaches to the calm mountains, we can’t wait to pack our bags and head for a vacation. While the heart says we must go, the mind steps in and worries about the COVID-19 cases all around the world.

We truly believe that there can be no therapy as good as traveling. However, the fear of contracting the virus is making us think twice about whether we should book those tickets or not. Should we finally step out and explore all the places we’ve been waiting to see? Or should we wait some more due to the fear of the pandemic?

Precautions you must follow while traveling

The answer is simple! Heading out with all necessary precautions in place can go a long way in keeping you safe. You can enjoy vacations how you want to and still be safe. Wearing a mask, using sanitizers, washing hands frequently, and maintaining social distancing are some precautions to keep in mind. In addition to this, using antiviral apparel and accessories can help protect you from viruses and germs.

With time, there has been a lot of research about how we can curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. Due to the advancement in technology, a wide range of antiviral products are now available in the market. These products include antiviral masks, daily wear gloves, sheets, bags, and phone covers, among other things. These antiviral accessories have been treated with HeiQ Viroblock Swiss technology. They provide 99.9% effective protection against common viruses and bacteria, including the COVID-19 virus.

Introduction to Antiviral accessories

Antiviral accessories offer the perfect amalgamation of functionality and style. Using antiviral accessories reduces the risk of transmission to a great extent. It makes your life easier and enables you to step out with a lot more confidence than otherwise.

Let’s look at some examples where these products will come in handy. First and foremost, wearing an antiviral mask is the easiest way to protect yourself in these uncertain times. The face mask acts as a barrier and the antiviral technology destroys germs within minutes of contact. This lowers the risk of coming in contact with the virus considerably. An antiviral mask is meant to protect you in case you interact with an infected person. On the other hand, it also prevents you from spreading the virus further in case you are a carrier.

While we all understand the importance of wearing a mask, we tend to ignore the fact that viruses can also live for long on surfaces. Avoiding direct contact with contaminated surfaces is the sure-shot way to stay safe. For instance, airplanes are one of the most germ-infested places ever. At times, we may even end up spending up to 10 hours inside an airplane. An antiviral Qamash or seat cover helps avoid direct contact with any such contaminated surface. Make sure you spread out the Qamash well before sitting so that you are not exposed to germs.

Similarly, if you’re traveling in a cab or by train, the Qamash can be used as a sheet or as a seat cover. Place it on any surface before sitting and keep germs at bay. You can also wear it as a cloak at airports or while using any other form of public transport. So, if you buy cloak online and carry this antiviral product in your bag everywhere, you no longer have to worry about sitting on unclean surfaces.

Likewise, an antiviral handbag comes in handy while traveling too. No matter where we go, we may have to place our bags on random tables, floors, in a bus, or in a cab. The antiviral properties of the bag will ensure that the germs do not stay on your bag’s surface. Designed to keep you safe during the pandemic, antiviral handbags also protect your belongings so you have nothing to worry about.

So, wait no more! Make those travel plans now and don’t forget to add antiviral sheets, masks, and other accessories to your packing checklist. With the right safety measures in place, there is nothing to fear.

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