June 19, 2024

An Excellent Resort in the Heart of the Aroma of Coffee Plants

Nature and beauty go hand in hand, and when you spend some time among this natural beauty, it becomes pure happiness. In the center of a coffee plantation, this luxury shopping resort provides you with a euphoric experience. Tagged as one of Chikmagalur’s best resorts, this resort offers a perfect combination of natural aroma and modern services.

This boutique resort has standard rooms with every luxury for your comfortable and relaxing stay. All rooms have queen-sized beds or twin beds for your pleasant rest. The rooms are also overlooking the mountains or the city. From the adjacent balcony, you can enjoy the beautiful view of your private moments. This place is even more memorable due to the magical sunrise and sunset view.

The resort is set in a remote area to give you the privacy that you deserve. The calm atmosphere also helps to cope with the stress of hectic urban life. In this peaceful atmosphere, you could enjoy family time. Would you agree it’s one of Chikmagalur’s best resorts?

Adventure and luxury in Chikmagalur’s lush plantations

This property offers a break from the hoi polloi of the cityscape, a resort that is designed with the least impact on the natural landscape around coffee estates. The getaway is regarded as one of Chikmagalur’s major resorts, which bear witness to the peace and beauty of the idyllic city.

The resort is said to have used only indigenous materials in order to reduce its carbon footprint. The building was carried out by environmentally sensitive engineers who sought to build an eco-tourist destination spread over 30 acres of natural bliss. The resort has 20 beautifully sculpted cottages, with the Warli paintings that adorn the walls, a traditional symbol dating back from 3000 to 2500 BC.

This resort is situated near all the main tourist attractions of the city, in a pristine and picturesque setting and serves as one of the most ideal resorts in Chikmagalur. The resort has been listed as one of the most affordable luxury resorts in the vicinity, providing everything you need to make your stay fun and memorable. You won’t call this one of Chikmagalur’s best resorts?

Bungalow in Chikmagalur Heritage Planting

Experience the pure luxury of planting life on this legacy bungalow and one of Chikmagalur’s best resorts nestled in the neck-skinned hills. This bungalow was built in 1914 and is located at about 4000 ft above sea level, one of the exquisite properties in this area. This vast property is one of the most profitable retreats for a pleasant holiday. Near Baba Budan Giri, home to Indian Arabica coffee, the bungalow offers the rich lines and history of the coffee that gives you the ultimate sparklingness.

The bungalow is located in the midst of swathes of coffee plantations, with freshness. A well-kept garden is next to the property. When you enter, you will find a spacious sitting area that is convenient to relax and have fun on TV. Go a little further and find the cosy atmosphere of the dining area in no time. You want to have a refreshing drink in either the Heritage or the Standard room, in which you can stay, before you sit down for dinner. Both rooms categories have Victorian furnishings and provide spectacular views of the plantations. The natural environment in the en-suite bathrooms will make you relax.

In the middle of the beauty of hills and rivers – Sakleshpur resort

Make your way through the thicket to discover the multitude of events this resort has for you. Buckle yourself up for adventure sports as the resort is on a bank, such as zipping and waterfall excursions. Get your loved ones together to make a rough and hard match for muddy rugby water. With fresh and cool mountain waters, you can start your day in the natural pool and feel all your concerns trickle away when you sit into the laid back environment of the area. The comforts and exhilarating activities offered here make it one of Chikmagalur’s best resorts.

The environmentally-friendly Sakleshpur resort offers you the opportunity to connect to mother nature, worldly comforts and wide open air surfaces. It is located in the mountains of the Western Ghats, so it is the perfect place to begin your hiking plans. The warm and helpful staff will give you insights into the area’s favourite hiking trails. With the cliffs and mountains all around the town the setting is unique. Chic cottages made of red bricks, that give it a classic charm, are located below the large canopy of trees and make you feel like you lie in the nature lap.

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