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Ankush Raja Biography

Ankush Raja Biography | Wikipedia | Family | Career | Bhojpuri Singer | Net Worth

Ankush Raja Biography, Wikipedia, Height, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Weight, Affairs, Caste, Net Worth, Etc

Indian actor and musician Ankush is well-known for his roles in Bhojpuri movies. His brother’s name is Raja, and he is well recognised by that moniker. He is currently one of the most well-known Bhojpuri singers, and his songs can be heard in many different states, including Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and many others. The Ankush-Raja team, who hail from a modest rural community, has made a name for itself in the Bhojpuri industry. He is an actor and singer from India. Who primarily works in bhojpuri film. He was born in Tetri Sasaram, Bihar, into an agricultural family.

Full NameAnkush raja
Birth DateApril 1998
Date of BirthTetari, Sasaram, Bihar
Father NameLaxman Dubey
Mother NameKalindi devi
Famous AsBhojpuri Singer
EducationMA In Singing
Ankush raja Age22 year
Ankush rajaIn
Ankush raja CasteBrahmin, Hindu
Ankush raja ReligionHindu
Ankush raja FilmMain Tera Aashiq
Bhojpuri Song1.Piyawa Ke Dare
2.Naihar Ke Yaar
3.Kuwar Laiki
4.Deh Ba Kunwar
5.Hardi Niyan Saiya Patar Na
6.Dulha Sharabi
7.Kaam Nahi Ok Kare
8.Bhorwa Me Korwa
9.Aanghi Lage Na
10.Kala Biyah Bhojpuriya Marad se

Ankush Raja Childhood

A little town in Bihar’s Sasaram district called Tetri is where he was born. Not one, but two people go by the names Ankush and Raja. Although Ankush is Raja’s younger sibling and he is Ankush’s older brother, both of them sing multiple songs and appear on stages together. A brother of his whose name is unknown lives in his family in addition to him. Mr. Dubey, a wealthy farmer with a keen interest in music, is the name of the boy’s father. Kalindi Devi, a Grahani, is the name of his mother. Since he was young, he had a passion for singing and acting, and he frequently took part in school-sponsored cultural events.

Ankush Raja Career

At a young age, he had an interest in acting and music. When he was a little boy, he was committed to a career in music. With the release of the Bhojpuri music album Naman Ba Nav Durga Ke in 2009, the two began their collaborative careers. With their songs, the brothers further established a distinctive character in Bhojpuri film. They collaborated on a number of successful tunes. Now Ankush Raja’s hit duo is competing to become a household name in the film industry. His acting career began in 2019 with the release of Main Tera Aashiq.

Ankush Raja Singing & Acting

Ankush Raja Wikipedia

Ankush will never turn back after capturing the public’s hearts with the Bhojpuri album Naman and Nav Durga, contributing his voice to a number of well-known Bhojpuri albums. Both brothers Ankush Raja have contributed their voices to every type of song and album, regardless of the genre. The two brothers established themselves as such a hit duo on any stage with songs like Le Bani, Lakhon Hai Deewane Tere. On any stage, the two brothers perform together and sing together. Aai Hai More Raja (2020), Chadhal Jawaani Ke Pani (2019), Dubar Ho Jaye Ba, Marad Kaisan, Kekra Se, Hardiya Koota, and Hum Kunwaare Mein Ganga Nahaye are some of his best songs.

Ankush Raja Famous Songs

One of the more well-known bhojpuri singers today, he has contributed a number of superhit songs to the genre, some of which are listed here.

  • Aanghi Lage Na
  • Bhorwa Me Korwa
  • Deh Ba Kunwar
  • Dulha Sharabi
  • Hardi Niyan Saiya Patar Na
  • Kaam Nahi Ok Kare
  • Kala Biyah Bhojpuriya Marad se
  • Kuwar Laiki
  • Naihar Ke Yaar
  • Piyawa Ke Dare

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