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Best Plagiarism Checker Plugins

Plagiarism Checker Plugins

You need to create unique content if you have to market it. Copying and using content created by someone else as yours is not allowed. If you want to publish your data online, it has to be plagiarism-free. You may attract consequences if you post plagiarized content. Would you want your content higher SEO ranking? It has been attractive and unique. Google can ban you in case you publish copied content as yours. But why do you have to undergo all that stress? You can use the best plagiarism checker plugins to make your content better and unique.  Here is a list of the best plagiarism checker plugins you can use to improve your writing career.

Plagiarism checker pro

Are you looking for the best and popular plugin to check duplicate content across the internet? You can go to this one. Within a few seconds, it will scan and complete the process of duplicate testing sections of your content. The tool will give you the exact pages where you have copied content and where you got it. You can use this tool to show your copied content on your

website through a slider section. If you want to check copied content from your complete information, you can copy the link, sentence, or paragraphs. When it comes to pricing, you are allowed to enjoy a free trial package. But after trials, it will cost you about 5 USD to enjoy the basic plan. If you have several industries, the cost can extend up to 499 USD.


If you are using a WordPress website, you can use this plugin to check your content on the WordPress dashboard directly. The tool has a Copyscape API that enables you to attain that.

Would you want to seek who is copying your online content without your consent? You can go to Copyscape. If you add it to your website, you will never have to check your articles many times. It will keep track of all your data. You may have several writers working for you. Copyscape will offer you a chance to allow your writers to scan their content and remove copied sections. Besides, one of its most significant advantages is that it is compatible with many browsers. You do not need to worry if you are using chrome, opera or safari, and more. It functions easily with all of them. About the pricing plan, it has regular or basic for only 25 USD. But it can extend your license up to 95 USD if you want to enjoy unlimited features and benefits. Make Copyscape your choice, and you will never have copied content.

Small SEO Tools 

With this checker, you will enjoy free services and tons of features. If you want the best plagiarism checker plugins and are easy to use, this is one. It has a big green box text or pages you want to scan. And with a single click on the bottom, you will have your results. You can use this tool to check your old blogs or posts. Any sentence of your blog that is copied can be detected using this tool. It is easy for you to use the small SEO tools to check your work in paragraphs or sentences. You will not be required to pay for anything when using this tool. You need to go online and scan your content free of charge.

Pre-post SEO tool

This is among the free yet best plagiarism checker plugins that work effectively. It has a few features when you compare it with others, but it will do a perfect job for you. You can use it to better your blogs and other content. The tool allows you to correct any grammatical errors in your content before you can proceed to publish. You can choose this tool if you are seeking the checker that can promote your SEO ranking. You are not required to pay for you to use this tool. It is free for you to download and use.


You may be an author, novelist, or a c creative writer. ProWritingAid is the best plagiarism checker plugin you can use to take your content a notch higher. Apart from checking whether your content has been copied, this tool enables you to correct your content’s grammar mistakes.

It is compatible with any web browser. So, you will never worry about the browser you are using. While your document may be stolen as you scan using other plugins, ProWritingAid has your data protected.


Would you like a checker that helps you to scan plagiarism and grammar mistakes at the same time? Grammarly is the best suite for that. It is a faster tool that will give you results in a short period. The tool allows you to scan your content on several browsers online. But you can also download and utilize it.


Quality content matters a lot nowadays. No one would accept your content if it plagiarized. Low-quality content that has been plagiarized will earn you a low SEO ranking. But with the best plagiarism checker plugin, you can create stunning content. Any tool you chose from the above list will enable create unique content.

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