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5 Digital Marketing Tools That Can Help You to Grow Your Business Post Covid-19

Digital Marketing Tools

COVID-19 has left no stone unturned to disrupt the world’s economy. And guess what, it has succeeded to some extent. Many businesses have shattered into pieces leaving no way except starting from scratch.

But wait, the businesses using the cloud technology have managed to thrive online and carry on with their ventures, even though they are not meeting the usual growth. We guess everything will become alright once this pandemic session is over.

During this hard situation, we have found many marketers traveling online and manage their businesses. Are you one among them finding no way to conduct your business over the web?

Here in this article, we will talk about a few online marketing tools that drive proven results for the businesses. Even the experts of a reputed digital agency in delhi recommend these tools for marketing purposes.

5 Digital marketing tools to grow your business post COVID-19

  1. HubSpot: HubSpot is available in both free and paid versions, giving scope for every business to use this tool, no matter at what stage your business is.
    Using HubSpot, you can create web forms, popup forms, and build live chat software to capture quality leads. Besides form creation, the tool is also suitable for launching email marketing campaigns, CRM, and site monitoring.

    However, if you peep into the paid tiers, you will witness multiple other sophisticated features to design the business. From managing web content to tracking social media and emails, you have multiple options to cherish. You can even use this tool to generate and convert leads, build traffic, and improve business ROI for your inbound marketing campaigns.

  2. Google Analytics: Google Analytics is absolutely free to use. Maybe that’s the reason why a majority of marketers prefer to rely on this tool to monitor and track their business performance.
    Google Analytics as the name says, is a tool to monitor web analytics and determine how good the website running online. It helps the user to determine different business performance metrics including conversions, social overview, traffic sources, exit pages, bounce rates, interactions per visit, behavior flow, and goals.

    Post-pandemic you have to get an insight into your business. And Google Analytics helps you to perform this job with perfection.

  3. Google AdWords: Google AdWords is basically used for developing pay-per-click ads. If anyone looking for an advertising platform to showcase an ad on Google, this particular tool can be an appropriate option.

    Google AdWords work along with Google Keyword Planner. Here you have to research and list down the high performing keywords and include them in your ad copy. Create an ad copy that holds all possible information related to your advertisements, helping you to find more prospects to your site.

    AdWords is an excellent way to promote your brand products or services and get the top ranks on Google. No doubt, it boosts your SEO, increases the number of clicks, number of conversions, and finally enhance your business growth.

  4. Survey Anyplace: Another two-tire digital marketing tool is Survey Anyplace. By the term two-tiers we imply, the tool can be accessed in both free and premium versions.

    As the name suggests, Survey Anyplace is a tool that reflects your brand on surveys. You can create your own survey planting your own questions, inserting high-quality images, and displaying the brand to have an improved user experience.
    Surveys conducted using Survey Anyplace are simple, professional, brand-specific, customer-centric, well-designed, and compatible with both mobile and desktop devices. Use this tool and have a successful survey. Make sure your survey is effective enough to bring insights into the topics you are concerned about.

  5. Yoast: You must have heard about WordPress and its exclusive plugins. Right? One such effective plugin is Yoast. The plugin is absolutely free for WordPress. However, you need to pay for it if you want to use it for other sites.

    Yoast plugin works with both Gutenberg and Classic editor in WordPress. This fascinating tool is used to optimize the content for search engines and improve the site rankings.
    Yoast helps you to focus on your content, keywords, URLs, internal links, and all other elements that are responsible for building high rankings. It improves page readability and works according to Google’s algorithm, preventing the site from getting any penalty.


Digital marketing tools will turn your marketing strategies successful. With these tools, you can keep an eye on your business performance and step out of the crowd beating your competitors.

The tools are available in both a free and premium version. We would recommend you to start with the freebie and choose the premium plan once your business sets off.

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