May 26, 2024

5 Best Plex Plugins for Plex Server

Happy for those who have trusted Plex as their media server. But simultaneously, worried for them who have not yet installed the Plex plugins to get the best outcome.

If you are a casual user, then the additional features of Plex won’t matter a lot. But if you are a frequent user, it is good to learn more about the plugins and install them to avail the best outcome.

Third-party plugins are responsible for providing certain features, which when not installed do not allow the users to take leverage of those Plex addons.

Do you really want to access these servers excluding such features? Probably, not.

So guys, in this blog we will talk about those added plugins offered by Plex server that you should have in your media server.

Are you ready? Here they are.

Top 5 Plugins to Install in Your Plex Server

  1. Tautulli: We all know, Plex server is known for streaming videos online and creating your own media library. With this essential add-on Tautulli, it has made Plex services even better than before.The role of Tautulli is to bring out the entire statistics of the Plex media server. These statistics include the status of the program you have watched, the users, the time, and even the location.

    Not just that, with this tool you can even notify other users about your latest addition of content to the library and get a notification when the server goes down.

  2. Sub-Zero: The sub-Zero tool is meant for subtitles. Generally, the Plex server can manage subtitles in a native format. However, there are certain restrictions for media content.

Using this native format, you can only access a few subtitle libraries. And not just that, with the tool you are not allowed to add subtitles to existing media.

The solution to this typical problem is Sub-Zero. The tool makes instant research of the eight repositories and brings out the best subtitles for the respective video. This even does intense research on your media files and find out the files where the subtitles are missing. Means, you don’t need to search manually for this again.

  1. Web Tools: One of the most favorite add-ons of Plex media server users is “Web Tools”. The tools include the popular unsupported Appstore, the logging tools, subtitle management tool, playlist management tool, and missing media management tool.
    Due to the integration of so many tools in one module, “Web Tools” have turned out to be the most friendly tool for Plex users.
  2. Plex-Sync: The role of Plex Sync is it automatically synchronizes the watched status for your separate Plex servers. For example, you have a server in your office and you have the same in your home as well. The tool will synchronize all your servers running in different locations.Even if you have different users for different servers, the tool sync between them, ensuring that the users won’t find any difficulty once they log in next time.
  3. Theater Trailers: Do you like a theater-like experience in your server? Often we find people looking for such features that can turn a media server into a theater.Thanx to the Theater Trailers plugin of Plex server. It has the potential to form a resemblance of a theater on the server. Watching movies on this Plex Seedbox thus provides a memorable experience to the new users.

    What it does is – it runs recent movie trailers that are currently airing in theaters or would appear in a day or two. Once the trailer is over it starts with the video that you want to watch online.

    Doesn’t this give you a theater-like feeling? Indeed it is.


These are just a few. There are many more on the list. For example, Trakt Scrobbler, IPTV, Transmogrify, and so on. All these have their respective features that when implemented on the server, make it more powerful and interesting.

So make sure you get a grip on them to witness the advanced features offered by the Plex server.

Happy streaming!


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