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Best 10 Tips to Create Corporate Video

For any business to succeed, an effective marketing campaign is crucial. A start-up or an established business needs to reach out to its target audience through an effective marketing campaign.

A smartly executed corporate video can do wonders to attract the attention of your customers and give a boost to your brand online.

Corporate videos bring the human touch to your marketing campaign and make it more interactive.

This makes them an important part of your comprehensive, multichannel advertisement campaign.

If you also want to use this effective way of the advertisement but are not sure where to start, then you should go through this article.

In this article, you will find 10 important tips to create a professional-looking corporate video.

1). Target Audience

You should know about your target audience and your final goal that you want to achieve by making the video.

This will allow you to create a video that would address the needs of your customers.

It will also play a decisive role in deciding the content as well as the theme of the corporate video.

For example, if you want to create brand awareness, then your video would be quite different from the one where you wish to attract your customers to buy your products.

2). Message

The messaging part of a corporate video should be clear and precise.

While planning for the corporate video you must prepare a list of the messages that you wish to convey.

Once you have a clear idea of what you wish to convey, the next step is to create a great theme that would allow you to do it in the most simple but entertaining way.

While delivering the message it would be prudent that you do not use corporate jargons and keep your focus on the message itself.

3). A great concept

The basis for the success of any movie is the script and it is no different when you are producing a corporate video.

Everybody likes a good story and if you can tell a story through the video, then it would appeal to your target audience.

In the video, either you can give a product demo or you can use the talking head format or a Q & A session (all depends upon what kind of message you want to convey).

Also injecting a bit of humour will make the content more lively.

4). Hire a professional

A corporate video showcases a vital message(s) that the business wants to convey to its target audience.

It is therefore important that you should hire the services of a professional photographer who has experience in shooting corporate videos.

Shooting a sleek -looking video requires great expertise and experience, as you have to take into account camera angle, lighting, postproduction editing and so on.

An expert videographer would know how to use light and sound to great effect in creating a mood in the video that would help you to sell your idea to your target audience.

A corporate video is much more than a YouTube video and therefore requires the touch of a professional.

5). Keep it short

When you are shooting a corporate video, try not to drag it long unnecessarily.

Your messaging should be short and to the point otherwise, you would risk losing the focus of your target audience.

Once you have shot the entire video then on the editing table, try to cut any scene that is not relevant to the core message. Try to keep it as short as possible.

6). Effective SEO strategy

Shooting a corporate video is an important part, but it is also vital that you should look at the SEO strategy to promote it online.

Some of the important strategies that you can adopt for your corporate video include using long-tailed keywords in the title of the video and the Meta description.

The search engine algorithm gives great weightage to any video that offers specific solutions to the need of the viewers.

This can result in a better ranking of your video to attract more viewers.

7). Include your employees

You can also use your real employees in the video that would establish its authenticity in the eyes of the viewers.

Any potential customer would be able to relate more easily with the video if he/she finds the employees of the business representing their products or services.

Furthermore, other employees will feel motivated when they see that their co-workers are prominently represented in the video.

8). Call to action

Your corporate video must have a clear call to action at the end.

This will allow you to direct the viewer to take the next step in the sales funnel.

This can range from either buying your product or it can lead the viewer to subscribe to your newsletter.

Such a call to action is important to keep the customer engaged and help him/her to find more about your company, products, and any important plans.

9). The right wardrobe

When you are shooting for a corporate video, then you must give some thought to the wardrobe you want to use.

For example, if you are talking about the services that your company provides, then the workers who appear in the video should wear office work clothes.

On the other hand, if you are talking about the business management, then great care should be taken that the clothes appear business-like without any wrinkles and in solid colours (patterns do not come out that well in a video).

10). Share on social media

The corporate video that you have made with so much effort, investment, and time should also be visible to your target audience.

To do that, you must first make it playable on a variety of devices (like mobiles, tablets, laptop, and desktop).

The second part is to upload it on social media like Facebook or YouTube.

You can also send the link of the YouTube video through the newsletter to your subscribers so that they can click on it to watch the message that you want to deliver through the video.


When you plan to produce a corporate video, then you should remember the points that we have shared with you in this article.

Whether you wish to improve the brand recognition of your company or simply increase the sales figure, you will find that a professionally created corporate video would help you a great deal.

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