6 Best Tips for Traveling in Budget

tips to traveling in budget

Traveling is a hobby for many, but we don’t always have a lot of money to spend on it. However, traveling is enjoying, relaxing and saving does not lie in how much you spend, but how you manage your money effectively. Here are 6 tips to help you save money on travel efficiently to enjoy as much as possible with the money you have.

1. Join a group tour

Self-tourism is preferred by many people because of the flexibility of time, destination as well as the freedom to explore on their own. But you may get confused because you do not know where to start, what is interesting, where you are going.

Travel groups will be the perfect choice for you. Proactively search for information from friends around, the internet, or travel companies you already have a wealth of useful information from travel experiences, schedules, transportation to attractive offers. Detailed planning will help you limit the costs incurred.

If you want to save more, join in group travel. If you go together, you will be able to share other payments such as renting a house, renting a car, or other essentials.

2. Hunting promotion

Airlines, hotels and restaurants always have discount campaigns to attract and please their customers to receive good reviews from them. Take advantage of this to hunt as many incentives, promotions as possible. The sales are usually launched quite early from a few months to half a year. So, what you need is to schedule it early to get the most deals.

Before departure, you should find out in advance the places without charge or places with cheap prices, promotions for tourists …

In addition, banks often have attractive promotional packages with partners in restaurants, hotels, resorts … you can choose to pay with that bank card to enjoy the maximum discount.

3. Plan savings from now on

Having determined the specific destination and time, what are you waiting for without starting saving now? A travel savings account is what you need. Each month deduct a fixed amount into it, by the time you have enough money to “take your backpack and go”.

Don’t forget to plan your expenses appropriately, to avoid your saving cannot meet your deadlines. Remember you should have to buy only essential and minimalistic items.

4. Seize the time to save costs

You may not know it, but time is one of the important factors to help you cut costs. Many people who follow the habit often arbitrarily choose a large departure day such as beautiful days or weekends.

However, the ticket price (especially flight tickets) is expensive and cheap, largely depending on the time of your departure. Flying on international flights on Wednesdays and Tuesday for domestic flights are some tips to save you a fortune! Also, choose flights early in the morning or late at night to get the cheapest flight. Restaurants are also very popular promotions in the morning or noon!

5. Save more thanks to the phone app

Technology is a great companion for those on the go. With the smartphone in hand, you are spoiled for owning all kinds of travel applications, both helping you streamline your journey and save time and money. Airbnb and Booking.com are popular booking apps around the world that allow you to find comfortable accommodation at an affordable price.

For those who love meeting and chatting with locals, CouchSurfing is the ideal app. It connects members all over the world, provides free accommodation thanks to the same time it also offers life experience, live culture true to the indigenous.

6. Experience local culture

Coming to a new land, living like a local, eating local food, enjoying the unique culture is the interesting thing of tourism. Therefore, you do not fall into the lure of high-end services but instead, hunt for local locations at affordable prices. If possible, find yourself a knowledgeable person at your destination. They will take you to interesting places with surprisingly cheap prices that little tourists know about.


Hopefully, these six tips will help perfect your trip while helping you save the most money, create more opportunities to travel and explore more. Apply now to have a memorable vacation this summer!

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