May 29, 2024
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Best Way to Blend Your Make Up With Sunglasses

Some of you just love makeup. But if you are wearing glasses then you may feel that all that mascara and eyeliner is hiding behind the glass frame. But with little effort your make up can actually blend well with your make up. Here are some tips that will help you in this regards.

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Applying the Makeup in the Right Way:

Many people do not apply mascara if they are wearing glasses. But actually you can apply mascara even if you have glasses. Just make sure that you apply it to the tips of your eye-lashes. Applying a little eye shadow primer can actually; help the glasses remain in place. The colour of the eye shadow must go well with the colour of your eyes and must also give a natural look. You can also use the concealer to hide the dark circle effect below the eyes due to the glasses. As for the lipstick select it as per the shape of your face and the type of frame that you are using.

The Type Of Make Up Will Depend On The Prescription:

One of the biggest problems with strong prescriptions is that it makes your eyes look really big. In that case make sure that you use lighter shades of the eye shadow. If you have bought cheap ray ban sunglasses online then make sure that you use subtle shades of lipstick that will go well with the sunglasses.

Choice Of Frames:

Your make up will also depend on the frame that you choose. If you are fond of heavy makeup then make sure that you select frameless glasses. However, if you are using dark frames then you cannot use heavy makeup. You have to select neutral makeup. If you buy cat eye sunglasses which are big and cover your eyes completely then there is no need to go for much eye makeup. But if you have selected a smaller frame then you can experiment with eye shadow colours.

Choice Of Glasses, Frames And Make Up Will Depend On Personal Style:

One very important thing that you need to remember is that the type of makeup and frames and glasses that you select will depend in a big way on your personal style. In order to get good tips and options for glasses and frames you need to make sure that you select the right optician. Luckily these days you do not have to personally visit an optician. There are some reputed and good online opticians who have a large variety of glasses and frames. You can compare the prices of the same online and select one which suits your personality and style.

If you think that just because you are wearing glasses you cannot wear makeup then up are wrong. It is just that you need to select the right type of makeup that gels well with your glasses and frame.

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