Business Management: Mistakes to avoid while managing millennial’s

Change is a sign of development and growth and with the changing time, the people working with you will also change.

The new people especially the Millenials that keep on adding in the organization will not have the same mindset of working as the already existing people working with you in the company has. The reason behind the different mindset of these newbies is their growth process during which they had extreme access to the tech-gadgets which eventually made them lazy!

Yes, that is what the misconception about the millennials is! So how as a manager are you going to deal with new tech-savvy members in the company? Read the blog to know what are those things to avoid or to keep in mind while you have some really young co-workers working with you.

Millennials are under the impression that they are the attention seekers, they like to be in the limelight and get noticed by the people around them. So when they are in the workplace, they would expect that they are valued and recognized for the work that they are doing.

Make them feel that they are part of the company and the work that they are doing (though it might be a very small task) does add to the fulfillment of the company goals.

As everyone likes to work with the experienced and more powerful people, most of the managers miss this aspect of the new-gen. This sometimes makes these less experienced people feel undervalued and a misfit for the company.

  • Lack of opportunity

Everyone in the company has a specific role defined and are expected to work in those work boundaries and deliveries, but what if some of your new joinees have capabilities more than what is assigned to them.

You are an experienced leader, use your experience to identify these qualities of your employees, show them how they can use them in the other areas of the company work. Don’t limit them for the work they are doing, help them expand their knowledge by showing new opportunities to grow and experience different things.

The new-gen workers always look for the possibilities of growth in their work area, make sure you provide them with one by organizing development and training sessions for them to explore new horizons.

  • Don’t delegate, discuss

Your new joinees are younger than you, they will follow all the directions given by you, but building a team is not just about delegating the task.

Yes, in order to bring out the real potential of your employees you have to give them a chance to take the lead and give their inputs for the work they are doing.

Let them be part of different meetings, ask their suggestions, know their perspective about a situation and what the best solution they could provide to handle the problem. Discuss with them the different aspects of work and the future possibilities that can occur in the course of work. Allow them to become one amongst you by participating and sharing their views.

  • Understand and make them understand

Free work culture is the dream of every young corporate worker, they might not demand this to you directly, but no novice will like to be bounded by the rules and regulations just as they lived back in their school days.

Understand their need for freedom, be flexible with your policies, like you can allow them to work from home whenever needed, or just keep flextime to maintain a work-life balance. Let them have some fun along with work, give them a chance to mingle with the others in the team by organizing corporate team-building exercises, this will help them to improve coordination with them.

Similarly, as you are understanding their needs, they will also try to put in an extra effort in their work and will respect their responsibilities and duties towards the company to achieve company goals.

  • Misconception about the motivation

Millennials are often misunderstood as being lazy, careless and irresponsible about work and responsibilities assigned to them. This is the reason why they are not considered for taking up big roles or are not given the big opportunities that they dream about.

The managers in an effort to make them responsible or in order to take work from them start bribing them with different perks and benefits. But to break this misconception, this is not true in all cases. Not everyone needs holidays or a big amount to motivate them to work, some are among the passionate ones who need a good mentor to show them the right path.

Motivation acts as a great pill to boost anyone’s confidence and most of the new joinees are in search of this motivation that can help them to go the extra mile in their field. So don’t misunderstand the youth by looking at everyone with the same sight, try to look at the difference and then handle each of them differently.

Summing Up

The new wave of Millennials arriving in the corporate world needs good leadership support in-order to fly high spreading their wings. Understanding them and working with them in accordance doesn’t need a lot of effort. As a leader, you have to think about these people and bring in the right change that can help them and the organization work in coordination.

Allow them to show their dedication, let them have some self-time to find answers to their questions, listen to their ideas, understand them and to guide them in the right direction to implement them.

Keep in mind the above points and start rolling your next action plans for the fresh talent that arrived in your organization. And I hope things work out well to create a good office environment!

Author Bio:

James Vargas is an experienced business expert, business management consultant, and manager at Get Everything Delivered. He has 1.5-decade corporate experience and is tailoring the best project delivery practices to the start-up owners based on his knowledge to solve start-up business problems to great revenue for their business.

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