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Can Flooring Be Done Over carpet?

Flooring Be Done Over carpet

It is safe to say that the above statement is correct. Yes, it looks like an incorrect underlay, but it is possible. Flooring is one of the most alluring strategies for all homemakers. It gives the whole house some kind of vibe. When you think of introducing overlay flooring; however, you should familiarize yourself with the explicit methods to go about it. Overflow is simply drifting some other kind of level, which can cause constraints to the subfloor. Legitimate underlayment is conceived as one of the safest methods of not going against the flooring warranty policies.

The whole aspect of ripping out the carpet is hectic and tedious. There are a million staples under every piece of carpet and glue to keep it in place. Can you imagine the amount of time it will take to rip off the carpet and install another subfloor? The answer is a lot. So it is correct to say that you should do what is best for what is specifically your situation.

When you think about installing a floor on top of a carpet, it is the same as putting foam under a laminate floor. The foam is like a thin carpet. Of course, you should not ignore the vices that come with putting a hard surface on a soft one like in this case, a carpet. But getting the rug out, you would wish you left it as it was. That said, many warranty statements state the flatness of the surface before installing the floor. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that the story is sturdy and flat before putting a laminate over a carpet.

Whatever is underneath the floor, determines how sturdy and level it stays after a while. As many discoveries and experiences have concluded, this kind of flooring does not augur well with thick carpets. The reason is apparent; the flooring needs a firm ground for the locking system. When installed on a plush and soft ground, it will appear wavy. But for the thin and low pile carpets, especially those installed in offices are easy to put a laminate or any other flooring on top.

When still on the decision part, you need to know if you want to keep the carpet or not. Sometimes the reason you decide on putting the flooring on the mat is to avoid the tedious work that comes with pulling off the rug. In that case, use the apparent procedure of floor installation and voila! You are good to go because no preparation is needed. Consider the following if you desire to keep the carpet or if you have a fluffy type of carpet.

If you have a soft, thick and plush rug

When you want to install the flooring on top of a thick and plush carpet, it is merely a horse of different color. It is not as easy as putting it on flat office carpets. At home, people love the warm feeling that comes with a wooly carpet. These types of rugs are not friendly to top flooring. In fact, if no precaution is taken, it may result in a wavy floor. Better still, it would fail in areas with high traffic like the living room.

The fact that it is hectic doesn’t mean that it is entirely impossible to install a floor on top of a thick carpet. It means that you will take an extra step, not difficult or expensive but just extra. How? You will need a subfloor in between the carpet and the installing floor. You will need to place plywood between the two.

The challenge of this kind of installation is ensuring that the floor is sturdy for such type of flooring. The secret is placing a giant like a platform to make it steady.

Incase Want to Keep the Carpet

In a case that you desire to keep your precious carpet, then you need precautions to keep it safe underneath the flooring. Sometimes and not always, you may need to use glue and tape in putting up tile, or maybe you don’t want to worry about the dampness or dirt in your carpet. In that case, consider placing a massive sheet between the carpet and your flooring. The coat should be big enough to fit the whole installation area.

Many times this technique of installing flooring on the carpet has been used to solve the squeaky noise on the floor. People have confirmed in different quora that laminate flooring was on a thickly padded mat over a noise concern.

With the help of experts, the flooring was a success, and the floor looks great and no noise complaints since then. So the process is not only possible but effective in dealing with some issues in the house. In such cases, however, you will need to put white foam for quiet walking and fast-finishing under the planks.

In place of gym floor installation, the process is almost the same. It is super exciting to put a gym at home and at the same time confusing to you. Flooring for a gym is quite different, but the installation is similar to the laminate of hardwood flooring. Unlike the laminate floor, this one is either with foam gym or rubber flooring. You should know that gym flooring is possible to work on your carpeted floor. With that said, if the floor is covered, then you will follow the above guidelines to install it.

In conclusion, if you need to affirm whether your carpet is thick or thin and firm, then you should place a flat object on top and stand on it. If you feel like sinking, then you should consider putting plywood. But if the feeling is sturdy and flat, then it means the carpet is safe for installation. Final advice, however, gets an expert’s opinion before going ahead with the installation. Better still recruit professionals for a firm and long-lasting floor.


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