Which One Is Better – LED Or LCD Video Screen? – GeoEvent Provides Both Types Of Screen

LCD Video Screen

If you’re desperately seeking for renting a video wall, you’ve most likely run into all kinds of puzzling information. Get audio visual rentals Los Angeles service from Geo Event by selecting any one screen types for your upcoming conference, concert, trade show, marriage party or another event. Instead of renting to the projector, it becomes a major trend to rent an LED video screen for smooth displaying of live video recording that could be clearly visible by a huge audience.

Distance factors of LED screen

Further, your video wall is most valuable for the audience who sit at distance from a stage and thus it needs to be a bigger size like a fit to the backside screen or side screen. Also, multiple LED video screens can be installed for a long-range of huge audiences, so that backside people can view the real performance on stage from the close area. For instance, in Hollywood award ceremony programs or any other film fair award ceremony, huge numbers of audiences are invited.

Event Service & Audio Visual Rentals Los Angeles

GEO EVENT has enough infrastructures, staff, and instruments to organize the amazing party or events either indoor or outdoor areas in Los Angeles and nearby cities. We provide a projector, lighting, sound system, walkie talkies, plasma screens, laptops, and any other AV equipment for your significant event setups.

Do you need an LED or LCD projector in Los Angeles, California? We’ll provide all the required equipment and set up for you instantly. Are you planning for a trade show in Los Angeles? Just contact us for the best quality audiovisual rentals Los Angeles and stage lighting rental service.

Trained Technical staffs

We have employed technical staffs, who are highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced to deliver the best service forever as we have an inventory of the latest lighting system, sound system, stage accessories, and backline instruments. Our technical staffs also play the role of minor repairing mechanic who can repair the lights or other instruments instantly in case there is a break down occurs.

Definitely, the outdoor stages are costlier than the indoor stages because of the readymade stages in the indoor space. Also, for the indoor stage system, many things will be readily available like roof and light supply, etc. But, for an outdoor stage lighting rental, the light supply needs to be organized.

Contact GeoEvent for any kind of your requirement with respect to Audio visual rentals Los Angeles.

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