June 19, 2024

Cardigans for Women are Necessary and Versatile Items

The humble cardigan is one of the most versatile item of costume in your closet. From spring to winter, it can transform your dress no matter where you are going. As one of the most timeless layers, you can wear it in so many ways. Fashionista and models all love this knitwear, so here’s how you can wear your wholesale women’s cardigans like a street style star.

Different Styles of Cardigans

  1. Long Cardigans

    Long cardigan is very suitable for wearing between the seasons, is the perfect blend of comfort and fashion. It can be worn with jeans, or you can tie the whole outfit together, or choose a short skirt with the outerwear to lengthen your legs. If the temperature is at the critical point of cold and warm, a knit cardigan with a little calf length will keep you feeling comfortable without overheating. If the weather is getting colder, opt for a thick knitwear that secures the heat in your shoulders and arms.

  2. Button-up Cardigans

    Bring it back to the classics with button-up cardigans. Whether you are rocking the traditional look, or putting a modern element on the style, this is a timeless item of outfit that belongs in every wardrobe. For a fresh look, throw on the outerwear as a top and rock it with jeans, or layer with shirts or turtleneck sweater and skirts for the autumn-ready ensemble. Try some patterns and colors such as stripes, pinks, leopard, and blues – there are no clear rules with this fun outfit.

  3. Shawl Collar Cardigans

    Choosing a classic cardigan with a shawl collar can bring a unique effect. The draping is an easy way to spice up a casual wear without looking over-dressing, and you can rock it almost anywhere. Keep it simple by pairing this outerwear with a plain lace top and jeans, or up the ante with leather pants and a pair of black long boots. This is a versatile item that works well at every age and in any season of the year.

  4. Short Sleeve Cardigans

    Who says cardigans are exclusive to the cool autumn or colder winter? Show off your bare skin with a short sleeve alternative to the light cardigan, and then watch as the compliments fly in. By layering a white t-shirt with a cardigan and pair with a denim shorts, the appearance will become the whole. Keep it feminine by pairing a charming dress or an A-line skirt with the cardigan, and you will be able to set for a picnic or a date at the movies.

  5. Cropped Cardigans

    By buttoning up a cropped cardigan and finishing the look with a pair of skinny jeans and sneakers. As an alternative, a pencil skirt or high waist trousers with a tucked-in button-down jumper is an effortless way to look relaxed and fashionable without wearing too much. This is an excellent choice for those who are going from work to the party, or who are trying to spice up their wardrobe more beautiful.

  6. Wrap Cardigans

    When the cold wind hits, get comfortable and close in a wrap cardigan. As a timeless option for outerwear, this is a classic attire ensemble for every woman, keeping them warm but leaving enough room to move. Choose from long-line knitwear or a cropped cardigan, which is an effortless way to deal with the cold.

The Occasions You Can Wear a Cardigan

  1. Casual Look

    There is no better way to dress casual than in a pair of ripped jeans and a classic top. To combine the look together, add a cardigan that hits your hips or lower. This makes the look more exciting and adds an extra layer to the overall ensemble. Opt for a monochrome color scheme, or stand out from the rest in a chunky cardigan with a bold color. An easy way to make it look extra attractive is by rocking one shoulder bare or wearing a cute top underneath.

  2. Business Look

    Take it from the coffee shop to the office in an elegant cardigan. Keep it simple with a pair of white trousers and a shirt, or change your jeans for work pants and you can quickly go out for drinks afterward. Rather than the traditional work pants, why not try a maxi pleated skirt, and tie your waist with a thin belt? There are so many ways to take this look for work, and you can try a different dress every day with the same cardigan and look like you are ready for a promotion.

  3. Formal Look

    Whether you are attending a wedding or being invited to an important party, a cardigan is a simple way to match outfits together. From a crop style to a long duster, this outerwear is a perfect piece to keep warm during the colder months. Add a fashion feel with a monochrome look, or go wild in cardigan with oversized sleeves. This is also a quick and classy way to turn semi-formal garment into something fit for some formal events.

Adding a cardigan to a dress code is an excellent way to look on point while keeping warm. Keep in mind to try different patterns and colors when deciding what to wear. Your cardigans can be the statement pieces of your clothing.

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