New Beard Trends

New Beard Trends: The Biggest Looks to Expect in 2024


Unlike women, options for styling as a man is quite limited. But one impeccable way you can try to appear elegant is to change your beard style. In 2024, the evolution of beard styles will be fascinating and this is your one shot at it. Also, just rethink when was the last time you had a makeover? Probably, ages ago, right? Hence, no more excuses you have to visit your nearest salon and hair spa for men and get set with these biggest beards looks for the year:

New Beard Trends: The Biggest Looks to Expect in 2024

  • The Beardstache: Henry Cavill in Mission Impossible 6 melts the heart of the women audience and it was mostly possible because of his Beardstache look. This look doesn’t offer a modern vibe but is somewhere between modern and vintage.
  • The Long Stubble: One of the most versatile looks, that appears put together for all kinds of occasions is the Long Stubble. We reckon you go with this style if you have an important event at the office during the day and date at night. Mesmerizing your lady and impressing your boss at the same time (through looks) is no longer impossible, thanks to the trend of Long Stubble beard style.
  • The Tapered Faded Beard: The Tapered Faded Beard symbolises masculinity and matureness. This style is also very versatile and suits all kinds of face shapes. Achieving the look is easy as well, and you won’t even need to visit the nearest salon and hair spa for men. Instead, you may get started with a trimmer, having multiple length settings and set it to 6mm – 9mm.

Then, trim your beard from the sides and reach out to the middle section. Next, set the length to a size between 2mm – 5mm for a gradual fade effect on the upper sides, extending till the ear. For the mid-section part, set the trimmer between 5mm-6mm and trim your beard. Keep going till it blends well and that’s all!

  • The Patchy Beard: For all these years, short-length beard looks weren’t seen as smart. But that changes in 2024 with the Patchy Beard style becoming more apparent. If you want celebrity inspiration, just gaze at pictures of Johnny Depp and James Franco, and you’ll thereupon completely fall in love with the look.
  • The Long Boxed Beard: As its name tells, this beard style is long and boxed and best for men seeking a sharper edge. This style makes the face appear sharp as the edges of the boxed beard elongate the face. Thus, a better-balanced face shape is achieved. It is also worth noting that the look is a perfect fit for a fuller and thicker beard but doesn’t make your face bulky.

Finding the nearest salon and hair spa for men

Although men don’t take salons that seriously, we reckon you should pay a visit to any outlet near you. It has nothing to do with style, but mostly hair and beard health. Moreover, hairs naturally lose their shine and nutrition if enough care isn’t taken, leading to gray hairs, loss, and dandruff. This is why you should try visiting the nearest salon and hair spa for men more often to exhibit self-care.

Spa executives are trained to help your hair and beard rejuvenate and come out of damage or dryness. You can find a local spa and salon simply by googling your needs. Just remember to get a beard treatment from some reputed outlet. Both your head’s hair and beard deserve the best products and treatment, so never be stingy.


Changes are important and this year might just be the right time to revamp your looks. If not anything else, at least try out the different beard styles in 2024. Also, make sure to completely get the beard game nuts and let everyone believe that you got the trend right. But the best thing of all is the fact that none of these upcoming beard trends are difficult to master. Instead, a brief rundown on YouTube or Google for the steps will be enough. But assuming you want a king treatment for yourself, it’s okay to just visit the nearest salon and hair spa for men for a trendy beard trim.

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