May 22, 2024
Matte Lipstick

Complete Guide on Matte Lipstick

Even though we all love to wear lipstick, the new collections are just putting us into an aww kind of reaction! In that row, matte lipstick is one of the go-tos and became the favourite for a lot of us. One of the most beautiful and fresh kinds of looks, matte lipstick gives us at the end of the day. Also, they do last for a longer period of time compared to the other lipstick collections. Even though every product has its own kind of pros and cons, here are some of the things that you should consider before using a matte lipstick:

Prepare your Lips Well:

Keeping your lip dry and cracked will not give you the best outcome even if you wear a good quality, long-lasting lipstick collection. So, it is important to prepare your lips while doing your makeup. Make sure to scrub your lips gently, or use a simple lip mask so that the chappies and flakiness in the lips are discarded. Now use a thick, long-lasting lip balm to make your lips soft and smooth without any dryness or cracks. The process should be done at least 10 – 15 mins before starting your lip makeup. When your base is set properly, then the final outcome is surely gonna be a hit. Exfoliating and moisturising play an important role in keeping your lips at bay!

Lip Liners:

No matter what lipstick you are wearing, lip liners are a must. It may be creamy, matte, gloss, classic, formula, or anything; the lip liner helps in making your lips well-defined and at the same time it will not create any kind of smudges or bleed outside the lips. The advantage of matte lipsticks is they are long-lasting, so make sure to choose the right shade and so rock your day with a confident smile.

Better Swipe, than Layering:

While using your matte lipstick, it is always better to go with one swipe than layering. Layering lipsticks may sometimes look cakey and patchy. So, start with your lower lips, go straight, and fill your upper lips. Tada, it’s there!

Never Smudge:

Like other lipsticks, never smudge your upper and lower lips. If you just leave the matte lipstick as it is, you will be able to feel the magic that it has done for your lips. Since the matte lipsticks will last for a longer period, make sure to leave it there, rather than going for two to three coatings. Also, don’t forget to clear the edges of the lips, because it is normal to spread while moving your lips.

Finish it up:

Once after doing the above steps, you can even dab a dot of foundation to create a quite subtle kind of colour. Also, apply the powder around the lips to make sure that the skin remains even without uneven shades differing from one place to another. Revlon matte lipstick has a beautiful shade which can be delivered at the right affordable price too.

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