June 25, 2024
chicken lollipop

Delicious Non-Vegetarian Dishes For Your Next Home Party

Whenever we heard of a party, the first thing that comes in mind is food. Obviously, it has a lot to do with it. Without this, it is going to be a full bore as it is all about the get-together, parties, game day, and this delicious tastiness. Indian gatherings or social occasions are constantly known for their food and amount of food. You are never a hand level away from beautiful, delightful tidbits presented with chutneys or a side of ‘daintily slashed onions’. Indeed, even a little ‘evening tea’ transforms into a food holiday and you have a table loaded down with sandwiches, pakoras, an assortment of bread rolls, puffs, and so on. However, it has also become a trend to buy spices online in order to make the ultimate food. Today, we bring you the list of some of the popular non-vegetarian dishes for your next home party. By the way, if you are a food lover, you must try food at Hillion Mall once.


source – Food Lion

Meatballs are one of the most popular dishes for a party. All you need to do is just buy meat masala online and cook with mutton and chicken, whichever you like. It can be prepared using mixed veggies like corn and capsicum. One can also make meatballs mixed with cheese by putting lots of cheese inside the meat mix. It can also be used as a starter which can be served with dips or chutney.


Chicken Burger
source – FreshMenu

Burger with a delicious non-veg patty gives you out of the world feeling. You can include a non-veg burger on your party menu. The patty can be made of chicken or mutton depending upon your taste buds. You can also put some eggs in between of soft burger buns along with fresh veggies. You can also try with some fish burgers. You can choose to keep it as a simple burger or grilled burger; whichever you like.

Chicken Pizza

Chicken Pizza
source – Delish.com

A non-veg pizza is a staggering decision to put in the starter’s menu. For pizza fixings, you can use chicken tikka, flame broil chicken, chicken wieners, or can mix everything to put on one pizza. Close by the non-veg trims, you can in like manner incorporate a couple of veggies like sweet corn, capsicum, jalapeno, olives, or onions.


Egg Rolls
source – Allrecipes

You have an assortment of moves choices to put on your menu. On the off chance that you are sorting out a major gathering, at that point, you can make a different segment just for rolls. You can serve moves without anything inside choice as it is now arranged with bunches of chutneys and cream. Egg move, chicken roll, and lamb roll are a couple of choices. You can pick as indicated by your decision and can make varieties in the fillings of the moves like egg chicken roll, gooey chicken move, vegetable egg roll, or sheep egg roll.

Chicken Lollipop

Chicken Lollipop
source – foodwifi

Chicken Lollipop is most loved among kids and it is anything but difficult to eat for them. You can make it succulent and flame-broiled, fresh and seared, or zesty as indicated by your likings. You can set it up previously and can save it into the cooler for two-three days. Simply fry or microwave the candy and it is prepared to serve. Chicken Lollipop can be presented with yogurt and mint plunge, tamarind chutney, or tomato ketchup alongside some newly cleaved cucumber and onions.

Mutton Curry

Mutton Curry
source – Spicy World

Along with chicken curry, you can also include some mutton curry in your menu. Some of the options for mutton curry are khatta ghost, lamb handi, lamb korma, and rogan josh. Mutton curry can be served with rice or any kind of Indian bread.

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