Different types of Copper Washers and their uses

Copper Washers are a type of hardware which is used for an even distribution of a load of nuts and bolts. These washers act as a spacer between two mating surfaces to prevent their damage and corrosion. They are used in various machines and equipment in order to minimize vibrations produced by them. Different industries like construction, defense, medical, automobile, electric and others use these washers to process their various applications efficiently.

Copper possesses extreme hardness, strength and ductility owing to which is used to make washers of different sizes and shapes that provide excellent performance for a long-lasting time period.

Different types of copper washers

There are various copper washers manufactures and copper washers exporters in India that provide different types of washers to help clients fulfill their industrial and commercial needs accurately. Here, we are providing a list of widely used copper washers in the market:

  • Copper Spring Washer: The washers are round in shape with one end slightly above the other. They are commonly utilized to prevent loosening of assembly components due to friction or vibrations and owing to this only, these washers are used in various industries such as electrical, construction, computer accessories, electronics, automotive and others.
  • Copper Flat Washer: If you want to fasten nuts and bolts on different surfaces without any damage, then selecting copper flat washers can be your ideal decision. They are a thin, disk-shaped plate that effectively distributes the load of the nuts & bolts evenly on the surface.
  • Copper Punched Washers: These washers are mainly used with bolts and help in processing several applications in various industries. They help in distributing the forces that are applied while tightening the bolts. The copper punched washers have high strength that ensures their fault free working for an adequate duration of time.
  • Copper Spherical Washers: The Copper Spherical washers provide their utilization in fixturing and work holding applications. They help in spreading the load in order to protect the fastening surface from damage. The washers can be used in applications where the hole is bigger than the nut.
  • Copper Machined Washer: The copper machined washers are primarily used in industrial machinery that produces strong vibration. These have a sturdy construction and corrosion resistance owing to which they prevent loosening of nuts and bolts to ensure the hassle-free working of machines. They have a smooth surface finish and can withstand elevated temperatures without any wear & tear.
  • Copper Fender Washer: These washers are used when a more bearing surface is required to spread the load of the fastener on soft or thin materials. The copper fender washers are generally used in sheet metal, electrical, plumbing, and automotive applications. They are available in the market in various diameters and thickness to meet the requirement of each and every industry.

Copper Washers are the ones that have helped the industrial, commercial and residential to meet their day-to-day functional requirements with ease. These washers have always been the first choice of the users owing to the following reasons:

  • Excellent sealing capability
  • Good thermal as well as an electrical conductor
  • Are non-magnetic
  • Good conductor of heat
  • Can be anodized to increase their resistance to corrosion
  • Accessible in varieties of sizes, shapes, colors, and thickness

You can get the best copper washers from different copper washers manufacturers and exporters in India that will help you to process your industrial applications in effective manners. The washers will ensure that your machines work efficiently well so that the downtime situations can be eliminated that increases the cost of production. The washers will ensure that your machines work efficiently well so that the downtime situations can be eliminated that increases the cost of production.

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