Does My Car Need Synthetic Oil

Some are not convinced about using synthetic oil because of its price difference with regular or traditional oil. But, have you ever considered why most professional mechanic recommend synthetic oil for vehicles?

To help you understand why synthetic oil for cars is better than regular oil, read the difference of the two and what made the first option your best choice.

Difference of Synthetic Oil To Traditional

So here are the differences of the two based on usage and vehicle needs:

  • Wear protection and cleanliness

Synthetic oil has lesser impurities that may cause sludge build up, hence giving your car cleaner engine and longer life. One of the main functions of engine oil is lubrication, fully synthetic engine oil does not break down as fast and as easy as conventional oils hence protecting your engine from unexpected wear and tear.

  • Which is better for extreme cold or heat weather

Fully synthetic oil is engineered to work well on extreme weather conditions, hence letting your car run smoothly even how rigid and extreme the weather condition may be. Synthetic oil breaks down slower, and resists heat far better than traditional oil.

During cold weather, traditional oil thickens and requires more time warming up, hence giving your battery and your start engine all the hard work so the car will start up. Meanwhile for synthetic oil, it will run smoothly even in extreme cold, so giving your car the protection it needs as soon as it starts.

  • Lifespan

So, which one will last longer? It is synthetic oil. Regular oil may require change after three thousand to five thousand miles, while synthetic after seven thousand five hundred miles, although best engine oil brands can last up to ten thousand to fifteen thousand miles.

Also, the lifespan is not only longer for oil but also your car, as the smooth transition and proper lubrication synthetic oil can provide is more than enough for your car to run smoothly and without troubles.

Tip: To know more about the change interval of the oil you will use, check the label for details.

  • Price

Synthetic oil may be more expensive up front than regular oil but comparing the benefits, the longevity and the like, savings will go to synthetic oil.

Although there are brands of synthetic oil that offer same quality of performance at lower price, needless to say, the price of even the cheapest synthetic oil may be more than the most expensive regular oil.

Is oil change required?

Yes, whether you are using synthetic or regular oil, changing of oil is required. The change interval may be different but both of these oil will turn dirty as car is being used. Oil change can maximize the lifespan of your vehicle, hence worth to consider.

And besides, the price of oil change is far cheaper than buying a new engine or having major repairs.

Tip: Oil change can be accomplished by yourself, but if you want to make sure that oil change will be done right, consider hiring a professional.

Is it worth to consider synthetic oil?

The major difference of the two engine oil is the longevity, hence if you are disciplined in following your oil change schedule, regular oil can be considered. But as discussed, the benefits synthetic oil can provide is beyond what your money is worth, hence it is worth to consider.

Does my car need synthetic oil?

Generally speaking, almost all vehicles perform best using synthetic oil, but just to make sure, you can either go back to your manual or ask a professional for their recommendations.

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