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6 Effective Ways to Manage Diabetes Mellitus

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The only way you can live happily being a diabetic is by keeping your blood sugar levels within the normal range. For you to achieve this, you should be aware of the many factors that affect your blood sugar levels. From lifestyle, and daily routine to genetics, handling diabetes mellitus is an effort-taking task. If you find that managing diabetes is not your cup of tea, you can always join an effective diabetes control program that will help you to fight the disease by providing customized solutions suitable for your body. However, certain ways will surely help you to manage your diabetes better. Making conscious changes in your life is the key to living happily being a diabetic. For your aid, here are the six most effective ways that will ensure that you can manage your diabetes efficiently. 

Consuming a balanced diet- 

What we eat is who we are, is a correct saying, and therefore key to handling diabetes is to be able to eat healthily. Different food items have a different impact on your body therefore, you must know the foods that are right for your body. Plan your meals in a way that they are a good mix of starch, fruits, vegetables, proteins, and fats. The plate method can help you to create balanced meals. Be wise in selecting the type of carbohydrate you are consuming. Foods low in carbohydrates and rich in fiber will help you to stabilize your blood sugar levels. You can consult your doctor or dietician to get personalized meal plans that suit your body. 

Ensure Physical activeness 

Physical activeness is a vital part of diabetes management plans. As diabetes reversal in India is becoming a major concern, more people are indulging themselves in staying fit as regular activity enables your body to use insulin properly. Start with simpler routines such as walking, running, skipping a rope, etc., and as you gain strength you can perform intense exercises. When you exercise your muscles use sugar for energy which eventually enables your body to maintain normal blood sugar levels. However, do not exhaust yourself while exercising. Make sure to stay hydrated, stick to a schedule, and talk to your doctor about your exercise routine. 

Take correct medications- 

Medicines that are prescribed for diabetes are created to keep your blood sugar levels normal. Taking medicine becomes important when diet and exercising alone aren’t able to provide you results. Ensure that you take medicines on regular timings and in ideal dosage. If you are taking insulin, store it properly as insulin is a sensitive substance. Added to that, always remember that you must consult a doctor before introducing any new medicine as it may affect your blood sugar levels. If you see any reactions due to the consumption of medicines immediately report it to your healthcare expert. 

Manage your stress levels- 

Stress impacts your blood sugar levels. Additionally, living with diabetes can be overwhelming and it is easy to get confused with the excessive information available on treatments out there. Excessive stress makes your body release hormones such as glucagon and cortisol which eventually raise your sugar levels. Indulge in stress-relief activities such as meditation, yoga, journaling, mindfulness, etc. These activities might also help your body to correct insulin secretion. Practicing such activities will enable you to live a peaceful life even if you are a diabetic. 

Have a quality sleep cycle

Having a poor sleeping routine has adverse effects on your blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity. Lack of sleep can also make you feel hungrier and eventually lead to weight gain and elevated sugar levels. Poor sleep quality resales cortisol hormone which affects diabetes management. To ensure proper quality and quantity of sleep follow a sleeping pattern, avoid consumption of caffeine and alcohol before bedtime, cut down screen time at night, consume bedtime drinks like chamomile tea, don’t take frequent naps, etc. Having a good sleep will positively impact your metabolic hormones and help in maintaining balanced sugar levels. 

Know what to add and what to eliminate in your diet- 

If you have good knowledge of what foods to add and what to avoid being a diabetic then you’ll be able to keep your sugar levels normal. Eat foods that are rich in chromium and magnesium as they increase insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk associated with diabetes. You must also add foods such as apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, fenugreek seed, etc. Added to that, it is important to know what to eliminate. Avoid processed and packaged foods, trans fats, foods with a high glycemic index, bakery items, junk, etc. Such foods are a big no when it comes to a diabetic diet. 

Irrespective of whether you are implementing these measures in your life or not, always remember to monitor your blood sugar levels. This will help you to understand your body better and manage your diabetes well. Also, stay hydrated and remember that you are not alone in this journey of managing diabetes. 

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