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7 Face Packs Made Of Multani Mitti To Get Glowing Skin

Get Glowing Skin

Do you dream of getting spotless, glowing skin just like me, but cannot do so? Reason – Big bills for expensive skincare products and parlours. But wait for a second! What do we need for all these things to improve the face?

I mean just think, we go to some beauty parlours and spend thousands of rupees on our skin and try to improve it. But we don’t want to spend extra on it. Expensive products certainly work on your skin, but cannot make your skin glow for a long time. To get natural beauty, we must use natural methods.

To get soft and beautiful skin, it is better to do something at home rather than wasting money on expensive treatment.

Do you know Multani clay also acts as natural medicine, in its use, we can get clean and glowing skin in no time. It works by removing the stains of our face, even tone, acne, and oil from the face as well as removing the dirt accumulated in it.

This clay is an excellent skin cleansing agent, which removes dead cells and makes the face smooth.

If we want to have clean and shiny skin then we should use Multani soil. Applying empty Multani soil will not benefit. If you make a face pack by mixing some ingredients in Multani soil, you can get many benefits from it. Face packs should be prepared by mixing different ingredients for different skin types so that your skin is not damaged.

Why Multani Mitti?

Multani soil is the only one that works with all skin types. Whether your skin is oily or dry. It works well for all types with different ingredients and relieves you of pimples. It contains lime content which kills harmful bacteria. It removes excess oil and dirt from your face and gives it comfort all the way.

Today we will tell you some 7 Multani Mitti Face Packs, with the help of this you will get good and stain-free skin.

Multani Mitti and Rosewater

The rose water face pack is the easiest to make and works well on people with oily skin. By applying this pack, you can get rid of oily skin in a very short time. By applying Multani soil and rose water face pack, the level of skin pH is controlled. This pack performs the task of removing dead skin, which also removes the oil stored on the face.

Multani Mitti and Honey

If your skin is lifeless then you can benefit greatly from this pack. When you go out in the sun, slowly the face starts losing its natural beauty and becomes lifeless as the UV rays take away your glow. Therefore, by adding honey to Multani soil, you can get the shine back.

Multani Mitti and Mint Leaves

Dark patches on the skin look very bad. You can feel embarrassed when they are on your looking skin. If you want to reduce or eliminate them, then add mint leaves and curd to the Multani soil and apply it on the dark patched area. With this, they will start getting lighter in both.

Multani Mitti and Papaya Pulp

This face pack is very beneficial for getting fair skin. It gives a natural glow to your face as well as makes it healthy. Papaya has anti-ageing properties, which also reduce wrinkles that occur over time. A packet of Multani Mitti and honey mixed with a spoon should be applied to the pulp of the pipette.

Multani Mitti and Egg White

Applying egg white and Multani Mitti in the curd gives a uniform colour. It is very bad to not have skin tone. Our skin tone can also be caused by hormonal changes. Apply this pack and make your skin even.

Multani Mitti and Lemon Juice

Lemon is very effective for your skin. This stain not only reduces the spots but also removes stubborn pimples from the root. Putting rose water and Multani Mitti in lemon juice and applying the pack gets rid of pimples and removes stains.

It is often said that the Multani soil has no disadvantage for planting it every day. But everything is bad. Even though Multani Mitti is good for the skin, its daily use can take away the natural moisture from your skin. So we should use it only 2 times a week.

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